What Have I Bought?

I saw a pair of large Advent speakers listed on CL by a seller whom I've bought other items from before. The pictures looked like the bullnose version of the speakers, and that's all I needed to know. The pictures showed the speakers to be in almost-mint condition, so I plunked down the money via PayPal and drove the 70 miles to pick them up the following weekend. I was more than pleased when I saw them...even the documentation (2 sheets) on the back of the speakers was in near-mint shape. Gorgeous walnut cabinets, but they weren't the bullnose edition specifically, although they did have a beveled front that is semi-bullnose. I know that Advent produced several versions of the large model and am not sure which one these are. The sound is to die for....flat, uncolored, and unbelievably well-balanced. Doesn't stand out in any particular way, but you just want to keep listening for hours. Anyone that might recognize which model these are please respond. Henry Kloss was a flat-out genius.
Advent actually made several iterations of the Large Advent Loudspeaker. The version you purchased, with the beveled (front) cabinet are the first version with a walnut cabinet. The earliest produced had no protective grill over the “fried egg” tweeter. The version with the rounded (front) cabinet came later. Now, if you want “rare”, Advent made a powered version of the Large Advent Loudspeaker. Boy do I wish I had kept those…
Thanks for the responses....the model of the speakers may not be rare, but their condition certainly is. You guys really know your stuff and your shared knowledge is appreciated. Hard to believe, but I haven't even bothered to check out the drivers (the woofers had been refoamed and the cross-overs updated). Other than that, they are original from the ground up.
I owned the version that you bought.  Wish I hadn't sold them.  Kept mine minty too.