What Horn loaded speaker/ speaker system for $10k'ish and under

I’m looking to go potentially go back to a horn loaded speaker, or hybrid budget under $15k. I’ve had LaScala’s in the resent past (prior to my current Spendor D9.2’s that are for sale now) and loved them but I feel there is better out there for similar money.

JBL horns like the 4367 or 4349, S3900, S4700? Volti? LALS? others I’ve forgotten or not known.

I’d like to have efficiency above 90db,

extension to 35hz or close to it, I could live with subs though.

I’m not apposed to used in good condition, I will not buy black speakers though.



I have LS IIs. Had khorns a few years ago. For me LaScalas + 2 subs is better than khorns. They just push all my buttons so I think they will be here a while. Hard to beat horn loaded bass and 104 db efficiency.

ozzy62, if you have done any damping, to your horns, woofer backets, and isolating the mid horn and the crossovers from the boxes ( vibrationally ), your LS IIs could not be a better reproducer to my LSs. I also heavily damped and added mass to the cabinets. If you have not done these simple upgrades, you are leaving a lot on the table. In my experience, this is the most dramatic improvement you can make to the design. You will realize where PWK did not go all of the way, because as a PA speaker, it did not matter. But at home, things NEED to be done, to get rid of the nasties. My best, MrD.

No doubt those mods bring the performance up a notch. But unless you’ve addressed the cabinet resonances as the LS II did, you are not all the way home.


I see you did modify the cabinets. Good job 👍