What In Ceiling (Atmos) Speakers Integrate Best with Krell LAT Home Theater System?

I'm building out my home theater system with Atmos speakers.  I have Krell LAT-1000s for my fronts, a Krell LAT-C for my center channel, four Krell LAT-2s for my side and rear speaker surrounds, and 2 Krell MRSs for my subs.  Krell has not made speakers for some time (as you probably know).  Does anyone have a suggestion for what in-ceiling speakers would be a good tonal match for my Krell LAT floor speakers (so I can build out 6 Atmos channels in the ceiling - front, center, and back ceiling locations on each side of the room)?  Amps are Burmester for fronts and Krell for everything else.  Thanks in advance for your suggestions and advice.  Happy holidays!


Do you know the brand of tweeter used? That is what will help make the ceiling speakers blend the most. Dan was a big fan of Sonus Faber, hence the grills. I have no idea if they match the tonal quality of Sonus Faber speakers.