What is better than Bose but costs less?


I was told that Bose isn't the best, and that there are better products out there which cost less, could you tell me some of these?

I am quite confused and frustrated, as I can't find anything, i've been doing research and haven't found anything so far, except for little hints that Klipsch and Tivoli are good.

In terms of loudspeakers, and computer speakers.

But more specifically, how would Klipsch and Tivoli systems compare to Bose systems?

Please give me the most detailed answer that you can.

Thank you.
Agree with Invincible, in that the person asking this question needs to step away from the Best Buys and Circuit Cities and visit some "mid-fi" types of stores. Most of these stores nowadays mostly deal in home theater, but nevertheless carry some quality products. In my neck of the woods (northern Virginia) I would recommend Audio Buys or Myer-Emco and even Tweeters (even thought they do sell Bose) In these chains you'll find products from Denon, Rotel, Integra, Boston Acoustics, NHT, Energy, Paradigm, B&W, Polks ect. Guaranteed you can but together a much better sounding system (and for probably a lot less money) than what a Bose system would cost you.

I agree with Kthomas,the Linn Classik is a great performer,
in my opinion there is no Bose that can compete, however little people known the Linn Classik, many Bose.

Oh Man, don't get me started! Bose is a marketing company that steals technology, repackages it in the cheapest form they can come up with (that is their research)and then sells it through lot of advertising. They have hurt the directives of audio companies throughout the world. Now the average person thinks that speakers must be small to be visually acceptable. Wifes have banished most speakers larger than a shoebox to the garbage..because of Bose. You can't cheat physics, and they seem to think they can with most of their stuff. Most any other product will sound better for less money. It may be a little bigger, but it will certainly be better and cost less. Listen for yourself. If you want an inexpensive, impresive and fairly small package, try the SLS system sold at Best Buy. Otherwise, the world is full of better stuff. Good luck.
You seem to be asking two questions...

1. Computer speakers:
If you're looking for really good sound from a computer, the weak link is typically the internal soundcard (even the "high-end" feature-laden soundblasters). You'd have to spend at least a few hundred dollars to get a decent external USB DAC, and get the conversion out of the noisy computer box. But if you're like me, and just use computer speakers for watching plot-driven movies in 2-channel, and for pre-listening to mp3's before buying the actual CD, you should just go to a used computer store and buy several pair of older computer speakers. People always get rid of the older ones that were way better-made (and often better-sounding) because their new computer came with the cooler-looking black and silver speakers. I have a shelf full of heavy-ass white computer speakers that cost $5-10/pair, and sound fuller, tighter, and less boomy than most of what's at Best Buy today. Finally, if you really want new computer speakers, I suggest Klipsch Promedia Ultra 2.0, which is about the only new consumer-oriented computer speaker I've found that sounds acceptable for music.

2. Loudspeakers
If you think that last paragraph was long, most of us could write infinitely about loudspeakers-in-general. What amp and source components are you using? In what sort of environment are you listening? Etc., etc... I'm guessing that you have a fairly typical Japanese solid-state receiver? I suggest looking here on Audiogon for some used NHT, B&W, or Paradigm in your price range. Any of these would please you now, and grow with you later as you upgrade other components.