What is "rich mans" DL-103?

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I have lived with several top cartiridges like Transfiguration Esprit, Transfiguration Temper and DRT XV-1s. Some time ago I decided to give the XV-1s a rest and mounted a DL-103 (nuded on a Cartridgeman Isolator). Although the XV-1s is a beautiful performer, I have fallen for the DL's body, energy and musical impact. Of course I miss the delicacy of the top cartridges, so I wonder, is there a rich mans DL-103 that has the quality of the 103 and add some detail, top end and finesse.
My guess is Kondo IO but that is just a guess.



SPU comes integrated in a "G" or "A" style headshell so it don't fit the Graham. One could use the SPU N which will fit, but it has very low compliance and should have a heavier tonearm.

Plinko: When I try the SPU, I will come back to this thread.


the Magic Diamond is a high ticket cart, evidently based on the 103, that has been Lloyd Walker's reference for a number of years.

reality is, in fact, infinitely "delicate", although not exclusively so. Yes? Perhaps a better word might be "subtle".
I think "delicate" is often quite desirable actually. If the real thing is "delicate", then it should be reproduced that way, but I'm not sure reality is always necessarily "delicate" or even "subtle". It may not be as pleasant or perhaps even as perfect to listen to, but a lot of live music is definitely not "delicate" nor "subtle".

So if a cart always sound "delicate" or "subtle" that may be a pleasant and even desirable thing, but not necessarily "real".

I suppose one way to look at it is if "real" could always be made to be "delicate", that might not be a bad thing.