What is the best full range Speaker ?

I am starting out and have budgeted approx. $5k - $7k for speakers (with approx. $3k for an amp.) with a focus on the midrange. I am considering used/new Legacy Focus. Any help would be appreciated.

John if you can find him a 5A for $5-7k then let me know and I will buy them first!
John did say 5 and not 5A. John usually gets through his New years resolution of making no mistakes for at least one day.
Definately would go for the Focus 20/20...no speaker can touch it for the money. Whisper's are also a prime choice for the money..Goodluck!
At the RMAF the I was really impressed by the Reference 3A Grand Veena's- full range and sound so good. Go on line and read the reviews from all quarters. Find a dealer near you and take a listen to them. If there is no dealer near you check with the distributor for a home loan. They really seem to fit your parameters.

Decide on a sound you like first by doing a lot of demo's

IMHO other choices can be used speakers like Magapan's, Spender's, or Wilson's. Each has a different sound, but all are great.