What is the one CD you can't find?

Years ago I had listened to an audiophile test album with a white cover and little credits to go on the back side. I fell in love with it immediatly. The owner of the album was kind enough to make me a tape but would not part with it at any price. Later I discovered that members of the band Steps Ahead played on it, and even released one of the tunes on their cd. I have searched for years to find it on either cd or vynal yet have never come across it.This would be my greatest find. Just wondering how many others have a similar situation.And what is the one cd you just can't get?
R burke,

That Harvey Mandel album is not on CD. The LP is easy to get, but I assume that won't work for you.


Here is one of the many CD releases of Mary Margaret Ohara "Miss America." It's at Ebay with buy it now price at less than $10.00.

Miss America
I hereby nominate Albetporter Audiogner of the year. Albert selflessly goes out his way to help us when we can't help ourselves. Bravo!
Unsound, nice thought. I'm just an audiophile obsessed with music, sharing my software connections.