What is the one CD you can't find?

Years ago I had listened to an audiophile test album with a white cover and little credits to go on the back side. I fell in love with it immediatly. The owner of the album was kind enough to make me a tape but would not part with it at any price. Later I discovered that members of the band Steps Ahead played on it, and even released one of the tunes on their cd. I have searched for years to find it on either cd or vynal yet have never come across it.This would be my greatest find. Just wondering how many others have a similar situation.And what is the one cd you just can't get?
"Go" by Stomu Yamashta, Steve Winwood, Michael Shrieve. It was released in '76 on Island Records. I have the LP but it's been played to death. I've tried and can't find it on CD.

I don't think I want to tell this crowd! They may snap it up before I see it.

I'm currently looking for one CD that I own on vinyl (no TT at the moment). It was a semi-popular release in 1985, but went OOP on CD. I've seen 3 examples sell on e-Bay in the last month, but each fetched more than $30 for a used CD.

I want it, but I don't want it that bad! Good thing I made that cassette copy of my LP before I sold the Linn......


Neil Young "On The Beach" and "Time Fades Away"; have the vinyl for both (looking for more copies of this vinyl). Would like "Tonight's the Night", too; think that is available but I don't often shop for CDs anymore.

Original Blood, Sweat, and Tears album with Al Kooper (pre David Clayton Thomas)?
There is a CD i got in japan at used CD store about 8 years ago called "Broken Pieces" it is somewhat along the lines of Massive Attack and Locust.

Ironically enough, last time i saw it, roughly 7 years ago, it was "Broken" to "Pieces"

I have made many many in depth searches on the web spending countless hours looking for this CD. I have never found another copy. I honestly dont know if "broken pieces" was the name of the album or the artist.

I can still hear a few of the songs in my head, but i always wished i could track that damn album down. Ive seen other albums by that name, but never found the album im specifically looking for.
my holy grail of cant find cd's is by canned heat(the canned heat cook book)

anybody remember the song "sick em pigs"

damm i miss the 70s.

Hey Ghost Rider, I'm a serious Steps Ahead fan. I suspect I can find it for you. What were the tunes on the album?

FYI, the band released a number of albums in Japan, but most are available as imports through various sources. You could also contact Mike Mainieri, the leader of the band and the owner of master tapes. He has released most of their output through NYC records. See, www.nycrecords.com


Wow. I think i actually might have found the artist who made that "Broken Pieces" album, looks like it might have been Aki Onda. a Japanese electronic music composer.


Aki Onda did an album called "Precious Moments", but I cannot find an album of his titled "Broken Pieces".

"Precious Moments" by Aki Onda is available at GEMM for about $20.00

There is an album titled "Broken in Pieces," by Stutterfly but it is only three years old, so probably not what your looking for.

There is also an artist that goes by the name, Broken Pieces and the title of his album is "5P." It was released in 1997 (five tracks) and is Japanese. There is a copy available for $13.97.

Hope that helps you Slappy
If you want to talk about hard to find, how about "Wrecking Ball" with Daniel Lanois and Emmylou Harris on LP.

It does exist, I narrowly missed a copy in London last year.
Hi, IF we made this a CD that we PAID ALOT for then
I could claim that title.
Back in 2000 I bought the ULTRA RARE,
BLACK N BLUE: Without Love CD.
I Paid $158.00 for that one.
Ironically, 4 years later, an independant label,
re-released it. NOW, you can get it for less than
$20.00. BUT, BACK THEN, you could NOT find this CD
on ebay WITHOUT paying AT LEAST $100 for a USED one.
NOT to mention the KILLER DWARFS CD!
RE Neil Young - On the Beach and Tonight's the night are available, in fact On the Beach was recently re-released to much critical acclaim! Not sure about Time Fades Away.
I have been looking for this one for years on lp or cd: Third For Music by Alex Taylor (James brother) I am beginning to wonder if it exists.
Japanese quad version of Supersession [bloomfield,kooper,stills] with different versions and different set list.May just be a rumor.
Neat thread. I remember having my own holy grail of CDs since the mid to late 1980s.

I'd always been a fan of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, but for many years all I could find were re-orchestrated versions of the soundtrack. Then when the first of many director's cuts began playing in theaters around 1990 it seems a revival ocurred and a few years later a CD release followed. These days, you can find Hungarian, Malaysian, etc... releases of the Blade Runner soundtrack on eBay. They're every where!

I was trying to find Russ Ballard's "Voices" for so long. I liked the song when I was in college, and I remember being chilled to the bone by it when they used it in an early episode of Miami Vice as Crockett and Tubbs are riding that cigar boat to the Bahamas to kill Calderone. Then one day around 1995 after years of searching the bins of used CD racks I walked into a music store in Century City during lunch. There I found an old, banged up, sticker-covered used Rod Argent CD that had some Argent and Russ Ballard singles on it. Voices! I here voices!!

One that continues to elude me in a strange way is Tim Heintz' "Tim Heintz". I really love the song "Dear Jacqui". I can remember one day in a Wherehouse in the late 1980s, I had only enough cash to buy one CD. It came down to a choice between Patrick O'hearn's Eldorado or the Tim Heintz CD. I said to myself, "in a month or so I'll come back and get the Tim Heintz CD." Well, months turned into years and I searched for that elusive CD, but it had long been out of print and no one had it on eBay, Amazon or any other place I searched. Web searches turned up nada. Then one day about five years ago, Google delivered a hit for me. It seems a smooth jazz radio station in the San Francisco Bay area issued one of those compilation discs for charity and "Dear Jacqui" was on it. Since then I managed to find another similar compilation disc and bought than one too. Strange thing is that this one has a speed problem with it. It's almost as if the master tape was playing at the wrong speed when they transferred it to CD because it sounds slightly slow which gives it that faint "Exorcist" type voice. Weird. To this day I still haven't been able to locate the actual Tim Heintz CD, but at least I have Dear Jacqui on my iPod now.
Ian Hunter "All Of The Good Ones Are Taken". It's not one of his best, but it's the only one I need to complete my collection. Apparently, it was briefly released in Europe at some point and is long out of print. It regularly goes for $50 to $100 when it shows up on e-bay, but I just won't pay that much. May be I'll just have to keep my old cassette forever. . .

THANKS! Not sure if this is it or not, but for 13 bucks, hell, im gonna find out. You might have saved me a few more hairs on my head! Appreciate the help, and i will let you know!
Original motion picture soundtrack for "Body Heat" by John Barry on the Southern Cross label. I've been looking for tweny years!
Origina Motion Picture soundtrack for "Terminator." Yeah the first movie. Looking for a copy on vinyl LP. Don't ask me why, I just remember that I wanted a copy for some reason. :-/ ??

Larry Coryell-Fairyland, i thought Philips briefly issued this one on cd, anyone know for sure?
thanks to everyone who told me where to find the "Go" cd. I purchased a copy off of ebay. It's an iumport that includes "Go too" which I haven't heard, but given th elineup I'm sure I will like it.
OK, I'll tell!

I'm looking for "Nick Lowe and Cowboy Outfit: The Rose Of England" on CD. I have the LP, but currently no turntable. I also have a cassette copy of my LP, but I really would like to have a nice copy of the CD.


A British singer named Carmel, 1980's. very cool sound. I had a couple of songs on a compilation tape a friend made for me. I have never been able to find any of her work on CD. Anyone heard of her?

Albertporter, ive been searching for that Broken Pieces CD for about 7 years, and you just march in here and show me a site that has it. Well, i ordered it and it came in today, and it WAS that CD! The songs on that CD have some very fond memories of my Military years and i had about given up on ever finding it again! You truly have my deepest gratitude!
I am happy for you Slappy, your an asset to Audiogon, a music loving young guy with a good attitude.

Glad I was able to help you.
Great song by Kenny Young.Amanda in a Silver World,cannot find on Vinyl or Cd!!
I believe this is the album you're referring to:


Kenny Young wrote the song but the only time it was recorded was in 1973 on Warner Brothers on an album titled "Last Stage for Silverworld."
I've been searching for a couple of things I've never actually heard or seen.
(1). Hal Willner's CD: That's How I feel Now
(2). A DVD copy of: Let's Get Lost
That’s why your moniker is Un sound. You don't have sound because those two don't exist.
REO Speedwagon's 1st album entitled "Speed wagon" Released in 1971 . Anyone know where to buy this on cd ?
Pancho Amenábar's album Separación y Encuentro

I have a sample song off the CD... but for the life of me cannot find the album itself for sale anywhere!
Albert, I once saw the Hal Willner CD "That's How I feel now" listed on e-bay, from a European seller (Switzerland?), but it dissapeared. I don't know why, but I suspected it was a home made copy.
As for the "Let's get Lost" DVD, I think your right, though I can't understand why it wouldn't be available.
GREAT THREAD! It reminded me of a long lost CD, more of sentimental (if not audiophile) value... GRP- Live in Session. It had a great cut of the theme from St. Elsewhere, as well as a couple of superb Diane Schuur tracks. I think an old girlfriend ended up with my copy, and I was never been able to find another (copy of the CD, that is ). This thread rekindled my memory, and with the power of Google, I just found a used CDs online! Thanks!
It's not really a matter of not finding this particular CD although it is very rare. I want this one to complete a collection. Once I find it I will have ALL of the Classic Records gold CDs that were released in the mid to late nineties. I have advertised a WTB for it here at audiogon, but haven't gotten a single reply.

Over the past 2.5 years, only one copy of it was listed on ebay (I know because the first thing I do every morning is search for it both here and on ebay), and that was just this past week. I set up my auction sniper to bid more than $300 for it seconds before it would close, but even with that outrageously high bid, another bidder had proxied more than that into his existing bid and he won.

Using Google to search the internet for this CD, I found a single copy for sale in Europe. The asking price is 300 Euros which is, today, more than $400. I'm not a rich man, so this is just too high for me to accept.

The CD is Belafonte Sings the Blues, Classsic Records # LSPCD-1972. If someone reading this has it and wants to make a fast $250, he/she is invited to contact me.
Harvey Mandel's Getting Off in Chicago

I even tried contacting his management company and the best I could get was a CDR that they recorded off of a LP that they had around.

Another one that I have wanted, but has never been released is Stoneground's Family Album
R burke,

That Harvey Mandel album is not on CD. The LP is easy to get, but I assume that won't work for you.


Here is one of the many CD releases of Mary Margaret Ohara "Miss America." It's at Ebay with buy it now price at less than $10.00.

Miss America
I hereby nominate Albetporter Audiogner of the year. Albert selflessly goes out his way to help us when we can't help ourselves. Bravo!
Unsound, nice thought. I'm just an audiophile obsessed with music, sharing my software connections.