What is the one CD you can't find?

Years ago I had listened to an audiophile test album with a white cover and little credits to go on the back side. I fell in love with it immediatly. The owner of the album was kind enough to make me a tape but would not part with it at any price. Later I discovered that members of the band Steps Ahead played on it, and even released one of the tunes on their cd. I have searched for years to find it on either cd or vynal yet have never come across it.This would be my greatest find. Just wondering how many others have a similar situation.And what is the one cd you just can't get?
"Pearls Before Swine" CDs were tough to come by but finally found some reissues from Italy.
Then there was a very limited 24K issue of "Nightfly" that I would like to hear but have never been able to find.
"Interpretenportrait - Roland Proell", label Polyhymnia or Polyphonia or something like that, released in the late 1980s/ early 1990s. It contains Schumann's C major piano fantasy and the most convincing recording of Ravel's "Miroirs" among the twenty-odd I have tried. Must be extremely rare.
Not the rarest out there but Steven Stills "Stills Alone" is sorta hard to get and goes for upwards of $150 as I guess there were only 5000 produced from what I have been told.
The EP and LP issued by the band Alternative Learning, which was Scott Miller's band prior to Game Theory. I don't believe these were ever issued on CD.

I recently purchased on eBay the CD version of Game Theory's "Lolita Nation," which is quite rare and a lot more expensive than anyone except a seller would appreciate.

To give you some idea of the relative unavailability of the Alternative Learning records, Miller has said that they make "Lolita Nation" seem like Michael Jackson's "Thriller" by comparison.

I fully expect never to see a copy in my lifetime.