What is your take on high efficient speakers vs. low efficient speakers?

Consider both designs are done right and your other equipment is well matched with the speakers.  Do you have any preference when it comes to sound quality?  Is it matter of economic decision when it comes to price? - power amps can become very expensive when power goes up, on the other hand large,  efficient speakers are expensive as well.  Is your decision based on room size?  I'd love to hear from you on the subject. 


My friend is a DIY speakers builder. He also fixes drivers.

He had and measured dozens different 15' driver JBL, Tannoy, Altec,... He says the maximal sensitivity of 15' driver in vented box (of any size) at 100Hz is 94-95dB. Some 15' drivers like Altec have higher sensitivity around 200-300Hz but it drops to 95dB at 100Hz. 10'-12' have even smaller sensitivity at 100Hz.


Most driver manufacturers measure sensitivity while mounted in an anechoic chamber running 1000Hz. 
That’s why it’s important to look at the entire F.R.

High efficiency requires low power amp, while low efficiency requires high power amp. The majority stand mount speakers need 150wpc to sound its best.

I am thankful for such an explicit section about the speakers. I just have joined the platform and I was looking for something exactly the same. Thank you again. 😊

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