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Most recent speaker you audited in room and returned? Why did you return it?
Dynaudio contour 20’s, PBN-B741 scan speak. Both were way to smooth like @mofojo said. Complete lack of dynamics. A small part in a long lessen that I still couldn’t groove on low sensitivity loudspeakers (yet) it’s a fun learning experience (j... 
She loves me she loves me not!
Really? Definitely on unless you're LISTENING to them...  
The use of digital pitch correction software on vocal recordings
Auto tune sounds very stark to my ears. I think it was Buble” that was recently popular in pop and he sounds plastered with it to my ears. Wasn’t it this piece of pop which made folks consider they were being lied to?- https://www.google.com/se... 
SNAKE OIL! A new TV Show hosted by David Spade
@raysmtb1  You had a good opportunity to talk about a TV show, which was titled (perhaps in irony) of a subject us audiophiles often discuss. But the topic has already derailed, since you mentioned a network. In other words, you forgot to put o... 
Not sure for power conditioner my amp or not.
@xenolith apologies but I don’t understand your post  
Not sure for power conditioner my amp or not.
IME even for balanced power, the transformer ought to be pretty massive in order to not have it sound like it sucks the life out of the music. I have a BPS (toroid at 2700VA) weighing approx. 80 lbs and it still pulled down my various power amps.... 
Not sure for power conditioner my amp or not.
I’ve noticed this too with power amps. So amp direct to wall socket and source components and PREAMP to conditioner    
Again, just fun to waste air   1- Digital cables? 2- Source to preamp/amp/truly balanced versus single ended? 3- amplifier to loud speaker cables? 4- Power (AC cables)?   I built two identical, single ended amplifiers one using silver solde... 
you could be comparing XLR to RCA, so obviously cables matter   Is it ok for those of us that have tried many different SPEAKER cables and could never hear or discern a difference to say- “for me, different speaker cables don’t matter”?  
Loudspeaker sensitivity and dynamics: are the two inexorably linked?
There’s no way in hell the crossover is heating up as much as the voice coil!! Think of thermal compression at 1 watt at 84db vs. 1 watt at 99db!!  I’ve heard the difference hundreds of times…… the 84db (low sensitivity) sounds stuffy and congest... 
Loudspeaker sensitivity and dynamics: are the two inexorably linked?
High sensitivity folks (not efficiency) Ive had lots of all the above (and still have many of both). One mans "dynamic range" is another mans "loud" or "in your face" so its a hard subject to discuss. IME yes, high sensitivity = more "dynamic ra... 
Flat frequency response
Theres lots to learn on the topic of frequency response. Are you familiar with "The Harman Curve"? That could be a fun place to start!  
Flat frequency response
A waterfall plot shows decay times describing the acoustics in that particular ROOM  
Corner bass traps - most installed wrong?
To expect an improvement in your rooms bass response I usually do at least two corners from floor to ceiling. Most folks find this to be enough  
When Will the DAC Singularity Be Reached?
IME in the world of DAC’s…I’m with @othercrazycanuck