What is your take on high efficient speakers vs. low efficient speakers?

Consider both designs are done right and your other equipment is well matched with the speakers.  Do you have any preference when it comes to sound quality?  Is it matter of economic decision when it comes to price? - power amps can become very expensive when power goes up, on the other hand large,  efficient speakers are expensive as well.  Is your decision based on room size?  I'd love to hear from you on the subject. 


I had Usher speakers with proper amplification.  I enjoyed the sound but they had to be played at a moderate to high volume to provide full sound, proper bass.    I now have Tekton speakers and find the sound full, with proper bass at lower volume.   

I finally have found an explicit discussion on the speaker. Thank you so much for the article. 🙂

Low-eff designs can suffer from dynamic and power compression. It's not possible for those designs to replicate the natural dynamic range that real music has and if you play those designs at a higher SPL level many have power compression.  If you can deal with reduced dynamic range and need a small speaker maybe low-eff is for you. If you enjoy the dynamics that real music has and want freedom from power compression at higher SPL levels and can deal with a larger loudspeaker then hi- eff most likely is best for you.

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Johnk is not wrong.  High efficiency speakers are much more dynamic sounding, at least in part, because they suffer less from thermal compression.  When playing at any given level, the higher efficiency speaker will be passing much less current and the voice coil will not be heating up as much as is the case with a low efficiency speaker.  That heating of the wire causes an increase in the resistance of the wire, which means, when there is an even stronger current that is suppose to flow, the amount that can flow is reduced and not proportionate to what is supposed to flow.  This results in compression (less than proportionate increase in the current flowing and the resulting movement of the diaphragm).  

The increase in dynamics of high efficiency horn systems is evident even at quite low volume levels.  In fact, I tend to find that it is MOST evident when playing music at modest levels--high efficiency systems sound more lively.