What kinda' damping fluid for VPI tonearms?

Hello and thanks for reading my post-
I just received a VPI JMW Sig arm upgrade from VPI and they forgot to send the damping fluid, and they are on vacation. Do any VPI owners or distributors know what kinda' fluid I could use or is the stuff from VPI the best thing to use.
I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you on what other kind of fluid to possibly use. If you were close to where I live you could use mine. I had a Scout with a JMW 9 and it didn't have any damping fluid come with it either. Then I kind of forgot about it. But I recently upgraded to an Aires 3 with a 10.5i. Now I have the damping fluid but can't figure out where to put it. LOL

I've talked to a few people who apparently aren't sure either because they tell me not to worry about it, that I don't need it. That may well be the case, but I'm not satisfied with not knowing what to do with the fluid. I'd like to decide for myself if I need it or not.

I've been extremely happy with VPI products but I think their documentation leaves a tiny bit to be desired. I've gone to their site to the FAQ to see if anyone else is as stupid as I am but that page is "Under Construction".
The damping fluid goes in the pivot holder under the back of the arm. Don't over fill-use a qtip if you do.
Get a hold of Dan at DedicatedAudio.com he has a wealth of knowledge on the VPI stuff.
Mike from VPI e-mailed me today. He stressed not to use other than their damping fluid as other fluids can deteriorate the point.