What news in 2023 struck you?


It seems the audio press seems to have no end of press releases to hype, but I'm curious looking back for the year what news regarding the audio industry has most struck you?

For instance, the sale of ARC, and Roon, and B&W (or was that last year) seemed pretty significant.  Class D amps with GaN transistors created a lot of buzz and claims of Class D finally reaching it's promised potential.  Textreme drivers have appeared here and there, as has the Purifi woofer...

I also recall a Monitor Audio prototype that struck me as really innovative. 

What else has stuck in your mind longer than ten minutes this year?



I did!! They use a different center tweeter I think, but you are right in that it's a similar take on making a coaxial tweeter/midrange array that Tekton uses.  

Both the tweeter array and the inward turned woofers seem to solve a number of problems, so I'm really curious to hear how they sound, especially at higher volumes.

Buying an Aavik (Pascal module) class D Integrated and finally realizing a musical ability to translate an electronic signal into pure, You are there,  Live Music like never experienced before with ANY speaker you own. Incredible.

@mbmi  Glad you are happy, but was that news, or just a personal revelation? :)

Fremer moving to TAS and the Endow Audio Point Array speaker that they are designing. (Also in TAS).

I was struck by the stupidity of the Mofi LP recording debacle, and the subsequent lawsuit settlement.