What next? Pass X350.8 vs Mcintosh MC312 + Room Correction

Hi all - mid last year I started a thread in search for an integrated AMP with room correction to address the fact that I have a small living room and am in no position to invest in room treatments as I'm leasing my apartment. I ultimately went with a Micromega M-150 in glossy black (which is also up for sale)

I'm now moving into a larger place where I'm still not able to invest in room treatment but would like to also use this as an excuse to upgrade a bit but still need room correction and it needs to be used for extensive music + TV + movie usage for me to justify it to my fiance ;)... so I'm thinking about going with separates and going solid state.

While sound is obviously important for me, design and aesthetic is very important as well. Whatever I go with next will be powering a pair of B&W 805D3s and the primary sound source is a NUC.

After much research and endless Audiogon rabbit holes, I'm split between:

Pre-amp: Anthem STR Preamp
Amp: Pass X350.8 OR Mcintosh MC312

I'm leaning toward the Pass, but would love everyone's POVs and if maybe I'm overlooking something?

Many thanks in advance!
Really prefer Ayre and Luxman to Pass, so if you can cross check, you should.

Also, discovered Roon has built in ability to do DSP.  I've been using it to do some manual (with measurement) room correction and I'm quite happy with the results.
I have had the STR Preamp for almost a year and like it a lot. The room correction is cleaner than other units I’ve tried, and I do like the way it looks. Anthem is a bit slow fixing bugs in the software, but still it is quite usable and gives good results.

As to the power amp, I auditioned an X250.8 and liked it a great deal, too (driving my Janszen Valentinas), but I couldn’t take the heat (400w at idle). I imagine the 350.8 must be even hotter. Maybe you have a big or open enough room so that doesn’t matter, or live in cold, foggy Sea Ranch like Nelson Pass. The Pass to my ears was a bit midrange forward, and that midrange was smooth and creamy. Especially great with vocals. I have not heard the McIntosh. You are in an enviable position. Have fun!