What other Hobbies or Interests Do You Have?

I was curious as to what other Hobbies or Interests do you have that also take up much of your time, energy and money or is Audio the only one for you?
Being a car enthusiast is definitely my first passion. Always reading about new cars and lusting after some classics.

For me, besides my interest in building a Audio System in the past few years, I am also a Car Enthusiast and Amateur Photographer (actually I hate using that term, more like a photo enthusiast because I consider myself a novice).
All 3 Hobbies have taken much of my time, energy and money. Sometimes I look back and think, wow, what have I done?
Could have saved all that money and time.
So I guess I should list my gear if I am talking about other hobbies:

2016 Mustang GT 6 Speed (weekend car, a few modifications) and 2018 Subaru Forester XT (Daily Driver). Obviously both are performance oriented.

Camera Gear: Nikon D750 with Kit Lense, Nikon 50mm 1.8 Lense, Tamron 14-24MM 2.8G

Much to the dismay of my budget I seem to choose hobbies that have the ability to easily drain ones bank account. Besides the money pit of audio I also dabble in astronomy, bicycling, photography, and rc helicopters. Audio is by far the biggest money pit.
Sportbikes, Sportscars, Mountain Bikes, Twisty Canyon Roads...Adrenaline dumps!!

Ran 10.9 @ 140mph on my GSXR1000 at 4900’ elevation.  Saw 186mph before and topped 170mph quite a few times.

Bigtime Porsche fan.  The new Speedster is something special. My local Porsche Dealership has 6 of them currently, along with the Aurora Singer!  I’d be happy with a 987 Boxster S and I will have one someday!

I have a Mini Cooper S.  Brother just got a new M2 😁.

I ride my Chromag Wideangle, steel hardtail, Enduro Mountain bike 4-6 days / nights a week.  Endless miles of Singletrack start 2 blocks from my front door.  I spent quite a few days riding downhill parks the past 3 summers.  

I can, and have done, multiple 500 mile loops in 1 day on Sportbikes on twisty canyon mountain roads.

I have always been in the right place at the right time regarding cars.  At age 6 I rode in my first Ferrari, a 512bbi.  I’ve been in Aventadors, 1400hp Evo’s, 1200hp M3’s, and countless other awesome cars!  
I’m also interested in good looking Women but can’t afford them and would have to give up most of my other hobbies...
OREGONPAPA..I've been noodling on the Harp for awhile..I have 4 or 5 moves and I milk the heck out of them.
axememan ...

I have five harmonicas, all in different keys, and one "C" chromonica sitting on the little table just in front of my "sweet spot." When I have a nice familiar ballad playing on the system, sometimes I try to play along, or just accompany the other musicians.

If you want a challenge, buy a Lee Oscar B-minor harp. It is confusing at first, but you'll start to pick out some songs that you normally play. You can get a mean "Summertime" on it for starters ... then branch out from there. I love the ethnic sound of the B-minor harp.

Here's Lee Oscar playing the B-minor harp. 


I've gotten so that I can follow along with most of it. 

H.L. Mencken once wrote that:  "you can always tell a true music lover because they always try to play their own music. They may be atrocious at it, but they try."

I am atrocious at it. :-)

Hi @mijostyn 
I have many miles on Specialized S-Works Turbo 700c by 26mm here.  Been using Stan's sealant with good results but have been very lucky without many punctures.  I wish I could run 28mm, which may be the road sweet spot but neither my older titanium nor my carbon frames will support that larger size.