What's a better tweak/upgrade? USB DAC or ERT

Hey everyone,

I've been contemplating spending between $200-400 for some upgrades to my system. While I could always throw that money at cables or something, I really don't think that would be worth it. I was thinking about either trying a USB DAC or a super tweeter (probably the AV123 ERT, but maybe a DIY with a Fountek or LCY). What do you guys think would give the best "bang-for-the-buck".

SPEAKERS: Soliloquy 5.0s with lead filled matching stands
AMP: Bryston b60r
SOURCE: Apple Airport Express streaming Apple lossless format from a MacBook Pro.
CABLES: Acoustic Impact Sonic Wave (a good budget cable in my opinion)
ROOM: 12' x 20'

My next major upgrade will be new speakers; however, I thought maybe I'd tide myself over with something smaller for now. What do you guys think?

Happy Listening!

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Definitely a DAC, you airport will output toslink with a mini adapter but you will get better sound from usb out of your laptop. I have a musiland md-10 that was $300 or so and it is worlds better than the airport output. I use my airport for casual listening optical into the dac and plug up the usb for a slight sound improvement
Save another 1K minimum,piecemeal additions wont't cut it.Then look at room acoustics......that advice and a cup of coffee......good luck.We're all in this together,Bob
Does anyone know if I can connect to a USB DAC via the USB port on the Airport express, or is the only wireless option to use a mini-toslink adapter and connect to the DAC via Toslink.


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check this out. i bought one to bypass NAD CDP built in. i think it improved the sound in redbook cd's. just google scott nixon
Thanks for the responses.

That is a bummer about the USB only being for printing. The vast majority of the time my Macbook is tied down to my external monitor in my home office, so it looks like my best option is to use the aforementioned mini to toslink adapter, and run that to the DAC.

Does anybody have any recommendations for a good adapter for this purpose? I Googled it and looked at a few - most of which looked pretty cheap.