What's needed to Steam Tidal

Is there anything other than a MacBook need to get the best sound from Tidal? I recently purchased an AudioWhen Coffee 3m USB cable to run from my MacBook to Ayre Codex DAC. I am just streaming music from Tidal. Prior to the cable purchase I would stream using an Audioquest Vodka optical from my Bluesound Vault. Comparing the two, the sound coming from the Bluesound blows away the MacBook. The soundstage is wide, there's more detail, clearer etc.  Do I need any special software or something or just stick to the sure thing?
I'm pretty sure you can stream tidal via bluesound.  Be sure to use the hifi subscription of tidal...
Yes, I have the HiFi subscription and that does work and sound fantastic. I wanted to try and stream it from my MacBook and the sound quality is not near as good as the Bluesound. I didn't know if I had to go through different software or something on the Mac.
Ok, I looked at your DAC.  As it has toslink and USB inputs, more than likely you will be getting better sound via USB with a decent cable, as I am guessing was your motivation in the first place.

Are you using the dedicated app from Tidal, or are you playing using the Tidal website through an internet browser?  If you have not done so, download the Tidal app on the macbook.  Also, pay close attention to the audio output settings on the mac.

You can try another piece of software that can integrate Tidal and bypass the Tidal app.  Roon is the best audio software I have encountered, and it is what I use.  I don't play to my DAC via USB, so the results are going to be different, but it is worth trying.  Roon offers a 30 day trial for free.  If you go this route, you will be bypassing the Bluesound altogether for Tidal, and you could even manage your digital collection that way.
Marktomaras, thank you. I don't have the dedicated app, at least yet. I stream from the Tidal website. Thank you for the suggestion and I will try Roon as well. My Bluesound sounds great but if I can get better, I'm all in. You know the game lol. I'll give it a shot in the AM.
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