What's The Word On The Street? Bel Canto Ref 1000

Anybody got the poop on the new digital amps by Bel Canto? I heard a rumor that they're just overpriced, barely modified Ice amps that you can buy for thousands less. That seems weird to me as I've always felt Bel Canto to be trustworthy, innovative, and service oriented.
Jeff Rowland charges twice as much for their 501 monos, and so does Egde.

I would say they they are a steal.

BTW - I still have to see a modified ICEpower ASP module. Seriously.
The ICE age is over. Get an amp using a UcD module, like Channel Island Audio D-200, or to really save money go to www.hypex.nl.
IMO the cheapest 1000ASP equipped amps are Rotel monos - RB-1091. They cost around 3000 a pair. But I would rather pay the 1200$ extra and get the BelCanto.
Hard to believe you can find an equivalent ICEPower amp for "thousands less" than the $2200 price of the Ref1000...
Okay, maybe my info is all wrong. but I can get new Ice amp monoblocks for 888 a piece, and the Bel Canto Ref 1000 is 4000 new. Are my numbers wrong. It seems that's what I've seen on the A'gon?
Check out the power specs for those 888 a piece amps. The Bel Canto Ref1000 is 500w into 8ohms and are $2200 a piece. The BC M300 is 150w into 8ohms and are $1200 a piece.
I belive he is talkinag abou the eAR amps. In that case, the 888$/each price for 1000ASP based amps is right, but does not include US import duties (do not know how much they are).

Ofc, even after paying the duties, the amp will be cheaper than Bel Canto. But you get what you are paying for - virtually no service, no place to listen (thy are factory direct with no money back guarantee). Choice is yours.
Tbadder, what company are you referring to about ICEpower monoblocks bring priced at $888/unit? As fatcrider mentions, the Bel Canto M300 is $1200, which is right in line with other amps I've seen that use that same ICEpower unit (300watts into 4ohms...eg. Nuforce Reference 9's). The Ref1000 uses a higher wattage ICEPower unit and is priced in line with that.

(note: I'm a Bel Canto dealer)
Btw - Bel Canto just lowered its prices. Ref1000 is now $1995/unit. M300 is $995/unit.