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Audio system source change suggestions? I’m considering options from a Border Patrol Sei SPDIF DAC back to the CD transport. Currently have Audio Sensibility’s Statement SE Coaxial 1.5m cable and the NuPrime CDT-9 with LPS power supply. On the other end of the system, it is all Odyssey Audio (Candela preamp, Khartago modified to Kismet level monoblock amps, and Kismet floor standing speakers).

How far up the food chain might I have to go with a CD transport and SPDIF cable to take the sound to the next level – improved imaging, soundstage, and tonal balance?

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The CD player and cable seem pretty decent. Nothing against the Border Patrol, I have not heard one, but I agree with @jjss49 that you could try another DAC. The preamp has a lot to do with imaging and soundstage, you might try a different preamp too. That said, is there something specific you are missing?

And here we go. Seems like I get more suggestions concerning parts of my system I am not messing with while responders avoid the part(s) I am thinking about... lol. Maybe data types dislike the Border Patrol but I find it be very musical and analog-like. I kept this Border Patrol and sold a TEO. Seriously, Klaus Bunge keeps the Candela preamplifier in the system when he shows Symphonic Line systems costing five time the price of mine.

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Well forum members. Since jjss49 has hijacked my thread, I'll post another one about the Chord versus Border Patrol.

Are you happy with your room's acoustics? I found that I've switched DAC's prior to adjusting the room and noticed bigger changes doing that than anything the DAC could have affected.

Not unusual on this forum to get a multitude of answers to questions never posed.

I've had my basic border patrol for several years now...seems to do the job for me. No reason to change it out, as it sounds analog and musical. Built like a tank to boot.

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