What's your favorite boutique speaker maker

Seeing a few discussions recently about Fritz made me curious about what other artisan speaker shops are out there. 

I'll cast my vote for Louis at Omega Speakers in CT. His high efficiency full range Alnico drivers, impeccable craftsmanship and very reasonable prices make a compelling option. I've had some very nice speakers over the years but these put a smile on my face like no others could. My search is over. 

No affiliation with him, here's a link to the ones he built for me the beginning of this year. 
Daedalus for sure. The epitome of "boutique" loudspeaker design and production. Each pair hand crafted from real wood, custom inlays and finished to the clients specifications. You not only get that, you get class-leading sound quality.
I was very curious about Daedalus but a bit steep for me and too big, I think, for home audition, shipping, etc.

I was also very curious about Legacy Audio; they have a dealer in Denver but he would not let me drive them 3 miles back to my house for a home trial and I didn't want to sit in a closed room with Covid (I have parents in their 90s that I'm helping out.) So, the door closed on Legacy, but I have heard they're amazing.
Omega - I've had my Hemptones for about 15 years, and they still sing so wonderfully.