What's your favorite lyric from a song?

Just curious what stays with people...



Well, that's just it, nothing can recreate memories and feelings for me better than music.

Perhaps they're forever intertwined together, somewhere outside space/time?

I'd certainly like to think so.

Everytime I hear Chirpy Cheep Cheep I'm back in the school playground, or if I hear Like a Rolling Stone being blasted out I'm back in college, the moment I walked into the Liberal Studies room in the late '70s and encountered some of the more adventurous students on the course.

I even gave my best shot at learning guitar but only got as far as Jingle Bells, note by note.  I did hear some folks mention chords, but I had no idea what they were.

I'm in my late 50s but 2 recent bereavements within 12 months have now left me feeling older but a lot less scared of the future.

My best friend Mike suddenly passed away in hospital at the end of May and right now I feel something in me has also died with him.


Oh well, life must go on for those of us left, whichever way it will, and music can certainly help to recreate a better frame of mind.


Anyway, here's a lyric from one of Mike's favourites:


Hey, baby, yesterday has just departed 

And tomorrow hasn't started

All what really matters is right now


And you should live a lifetime in each minute

Take the sweetness home within it

Yesterday has gone without a sound


[Cupid's Inspiration - Yesterday has Gone]

@cd318 - I'm sorry to hear about Mike; I know how horrible losing your best friend is. 

Interesting that you tried to learn guitar and got as far as 'Jingle Bells' - I tried guitar and bass, but my hands just don't want to deal with fretted instruments, so now I'm teaching myself piano. Just finished 'Kumbaya' and am now on to 'London Bridge'.... 🤣

Well you gassed her up
And you're behind the wheel
With your arm around your sweet one
In your Oldsmobile
Barrellin' down the boulevard
You're lookin' for the heart of Saturday night


Tom Waits


Thanks for that. It's Mike's funeral this Wednesday.

No one is truly alone when it comes to bereavement, but it is mostly a solitary experience. I hope you found a way through it.


Anyway I did try piano myself for a while but my musical memory could barely remember where middle C was.

I soon gave up after hearing my sister practice. Somehow without any coaching she was soon playing recognisable tunes!

She soon gave it up though, as she wanted to play guitar and be in a band.

Alas for her she didn't have as much luck there.

People forget, but guitar can be tough on the fingers.

Here's a lyric that's been coming to mind recently. I kind of underappreciated it previously.


Ride on fine white stallion

Take me anywhere

Ride on fine white stallion

Where you me take I don't care 


Ride on fine white stallion

I'd go anywhere with you

Take me to a new world with new things to find

Help me leave the old world behind.

(Fine White Stallion - Mike Hazelwood)