What should be removed

Where should I start?
 today I use Accuphase E-206 with Cub Wilson Audio speakers. Have also Audio Research preamp Sp4.Also own a Hitachi HCA-8300 preamp.
What parts should I sell? Accuphase and buy an amp to Hitachi HCA-8300 / AUDIO RESEARCH Sp4?
Any suggestions?
Get rid of all 3 and buy something like an Ayre AX-7. I have a pair of Cubs myself that I use in a 2nd system. They're pretty good speakers. But if you don't pair them with modern, high quality electronics, you'll never hear them at full potential. 

Do you have any more suggestions on the amplifier?
What should I consider when I'm looking for amplifiers
Recently bought my Wilson Audio Cub.
" Do you have any more suggestions on the amplifier?"

Did you have something else in mind? The Ayre has a very good price/performance ratio. You can definitely use something else, but you just need to be careful with regards to your other components gain. The Cubs are something like 95db, and like any high efficient speaker, they're not forgiving when it comes to gain. If you're not careful, you can get a hiss.

If the Ayre is too much, maybe look at the Parasound Halo integrated. It goes for around $2500 and it has a dac. The Halo gear has a good track record when being paired with Wilson. Also, having the dac, preamp and amp in one box should eliminate any chance of gain issues. You probably won't like it as much as an Ayre, but it should still be a huge upgrade from what you have now.
titus1 your question and setup are both confusing. First thing, why do you want to change? Second question, the Accuphase E-206 is an integrated for what purpose are you using the  Hitachi and AR preamps? I would imagine the E-206 is a nice integrated Accuphase makes nice stuff, so if you are really looking to upgrade it may take a fair bit to improve on it.
The impedance drops down to around 3 ohms over the 200Hz–1kHz region. A good deal of the power in typical program material falls in this range, which suggests that the CUB will not be particularly easy to drive.
To get the very best from these Cub's.
This is from Stereophile’s review/measurement results, pick the right amp that can do it easy into a 3ohm load and with current ability.

Cheers George
I have a pair of Cubs myself and have no issues driving them. Actually, they're very easy. For the last several years I've been using them with my VAC 30/30 tube amp. (30 watts/ch). Its a great sounding combo, and the amp doesn't strain at all. 

I have some high quality SS amps just laying around that I could put in the system at any time. After comparing them side by side, I still prefer the VAC. If we were talking about some of the bigger Wilson's, then I would agree on needing more power.
Thanks for your suggestions. My Wilson Audio Cube is the first little better speakers I owned. They have replac Audiovector K3.
I summarize as sales Hitachi and Ar. Keep Accuphase and think about possibly buying something more modern. Living in northern Sweden, so it comes out a little used quality hifi fore sale that can be listened to. Any help i can get is good.
Would be good if the amplifier has à Phono input any suggestions?
What brands do you have access to in Sweden? I know you can get Primare. They make excellent products that should work really well with your speakers. Very underrated company. (At least hear in the US). YBA would also be a very good match.
+ 1 on the Primare. It's well built and sounds great. Mb1 is correct its underrated and can out perform gear that cost more money.
Primare, Bladelius and Hegel are common brands in Sweden and can be found quite easy used.