What speakers are you running with your Pass Labs XA 30.8?

I will be replacing my Devialet with a Pass XA 30.8 very soon.

Those that have this amp, what speakers are you running with it?

2 way? 3 way? 4 way (Vandersteens)?

How sensitive to make they and the amp shine?
I am very happy to see you write that! As I said, the TREO's check all the boxes for my room. And to KNOW that they can "sing" with the XA 30.8 makes me very happy. I don't listen very loud either. My room is just to small for it. 

Thank you for letting me be reassured that my pick will work.

If you don't mind, a question...

Are you using RCA or XLR into the 30.8?
"  I’m wondering if a 30.8 would be a good match with my JBL 4367:"

you have gone through some much equipment lately, its hard to keep up....

what happened to the  Kinki Studio  that you liked so much ???
@addyson instead of being a smartass you could answer the question. I’m not wasting time explaining why I have gone through “some much equipment” to you. And as for the Kinki as I’ve said repeatedly it’s not a permanent solution. Buzz off you troll.
Aren’t we touchy....

Regarding OP’s question, I recently heard the 30.8 paired with larger floor standing Omega speakers, I think they’re considered 1.5 ways, and the system sounded live with incredibly dynamic. I have a feeling this amp will sound real good with any 8 ohm or higher impedance speakers. As an aside, the preamp was MicroZTL MZ2 which is an excellent piece in its own right.