What speakers are you running with your Pass Labs XA 30.8?

I will be replacing my Devialet with a Pass XA 30.8 very soon.

Those that have this amp, what speakers are you running with it?

2 way? 3 way? 4 way (Vandersteens)?

How sensitive to make they and the amp shine?
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Running Proac D-30R's with mine. They really work well together andits all the power I'll ever need with them.
I've paired my Pass XA30.5 ( hey close enough 😀) with the Spatial Audio M3 turbo S.

I would suggest a high efficiency 4ohm speaker to keep the 30.8 running in class A the majority of the time.

I'm really happy with the Spatial/Pass pairing. Full, live, deep sound with just hint of warmth.
@flp49er  At this very moment I am using the Pass XA30.8 with Tekton Design Double Impact SE speakers.

The Tekton SEs are a 4-way 4 Ohm design with a quoted 99 dB 2.83V @ 1M sensitivity.

When I drive the same speakers via my T+A PA 3100 HV integrated amp the meters rarely go above 1 Watt (4 Ohms) for a majority of my listening. The Pass is likely not moving past a few Watts as well.

I have also driven my Chario Audio Academy Sonnets with the Pass XA30.8  The Academy Sonnets are a two way, reversed array, monitor quoted at 90dB 2.83Vrms/1M with a 4 Ohm (min 3 Ohm) impedance.
Thanks for the suggestions!!!

The Tektons and Spatials have REALLY peaked my interest.

The Tektons look VERY similar to speakers I am using now. They are custom built...By Me! I worked at a speaker shop for over a decade, so I know the ins and out of speaker building. The Tektons look close cabinet wise, but that crazy tweeter arrangement must be its secret sauce. Also reassures me that mine will sound very good with the new PASS until I do the speaker upgrade.

The Spatials also are crazy to me. Open baffle just does not compute for an old time speaker guy like me. But, looking them up on line, people absolutely LOVE them for their lower wattage amps. Plus, a 60 day trial and 20 year warranty....WTH!!! The newer M3 Triode Masters look pretty awesome. When I get there, gonna have to give these guys a shot.

I have also noticed that High Fidelity Cables (HFC) is also now selling an open baffle speaker. MUCH more expensive and way out of my league, but there must be something to this approach. 

Originally, I wanted to go with the Vandersteen TREO CT's. They just tick all the boxes for my room and what I am looking for in a speaker. But, with the XA 30.8, I don't think they will get the chance to sing like they should. 6 ohm, but 86db sensitivity. Don't think they will get to stay within the 61 watts of Class A. I could be wrong... 
I'm not attempting to steer you towards the Spatial's...which I tried only because of the reviews I had read by owners and the fact they have a generous in home trial period. I thought if I hated them, I could always send them back. Instead I find myself listening to music more than I ever had. 

There's plenty of great speakers out there including the tekton's mentioned earlier. Those were on my short list too. I love a good value and these two brands offer that for sure. The 30.8 is an amazing amp, so you're certainly on the right path.
The xa30.8 has no trouble whatsoever driving my Treo CT’s.  I’ve never even seen the meter move though I don’t play music too loud.  It sounds pretty incredible.
I am very happy to see you write that! As I said, the TREO's check all the boxes for my room. And to KNOW that they can "sing" with the XA 30.8 makes me very happy. I don't listen very loud either. My room is just to small for it. 

Thank you for letting me be reassured that my pick will work.

If you don't mind, a question...

Are you using RCA or XLR into the 30.8?
"  I’m wondering if a 30.8 would be a good match with my JBL 4367:"

you have gone through some much equipment lately, its hard to keep up....

what happened to the  Kinki Studio  that you liked so much ???
@addyson instead of being a smartass you could answer the question. I’m not wasting time explaining why I have gone through “some much equipment” to you. And as for the Kinki as I’ve said repeatedly it’s not a permanent solution. Buzz off you troll.
Aren’t we touchy....

Regarding OP’s question, I recently heard the 30.8 paired with larger floor standing Omega speakers, I think they’re considered 1.5 ways, and the system sounded live with incredibly dynamic. I have a feeling this amp will sound real good with any 8 ohm or higher impedance speakers. As an aside, the preamp was MicroZTL MZ2 which is an excellent piece in its own right.
I am using Spatial Audio M3 Turbo S with a 30 wpc Class A Luxman Integrated amp. I like to listen loud at times, and the 30 Class A watts sound sweet. I would have to assume the Pass will be ok into 4 ohms, otherwise the Triode Master M3 by Spatial could be the ticket. 
Another great pairing I have had with the 30 watts of class a power is the Legacy Focus SE with the AMT tweeters. Really nice too.
@james_edwards oh no doubt the pass will be okay into 4ohms! even 2ohms! a lot of people pair pass with wilsons, and we all know wilsons have some very tough impedance curves.
I’m currently using xlr from my PS Audio DSJr., but have also usrd LTA Microzotl into xa30.8 with single ended cables.  Both work well, both sound great.
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This is just too coincidental...

I am waiting for my brand new PS Audio DSD sr. I will be going direct from it to the XA 30.8 via XLR. (HFC CT-2's)

You are running almost the exact same setup that I will have! Very Cool!

Did you see much of a drop off in sound quality when you took out the preamp?

I was planning on getting a Pass XP-12 down the road, but really want to hear it without a preamp first. Plus, just do not have the funds right now...

Would love to hear your impressions of your setup with and without the preamp....

Forgive me for prying if I am... 

I didn’t notice a significant difference without the pre (MZ2 from linear tube audio).  It sounds very good without, maybe a little richer, wetter, with the DSJr.  I’m looking forward to the new Snowmass update from PS Audio.

That is also great to hear. Both of the PS Audio DAC's were built to run without a preamp. 

In reading on the PS Audio forums, 98% of the people LOVE Snowmass. It has it's quirks, as everything does, but for the most part they love it. It will be installed on mine when I get it.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me about this. Always good to know that someone has taken the route you are about to take, and loves it!

Thanks Doni!
Hi flip49er,

I have a Pass Labs 30.8 that I run with Horning Eufrodite Ellipse speakers and the pairing is wonderful, but received Nelson Pass SIT-3 amp and use Frankenstein 300b mono blocks.

So I want to sell the XA-30.8 amp and also have a PS Audio Directstream SR. DAC and Memory Transport for sale if interested PM me. I'll give you a good price for them. Check my feedback they are all in excellent condition.


I have an XA-30.5 & run Revel Ultima2 Studio’s
It has more than enough to power 
Great bass control 
I think 87 dB eff


Thank you for the offer. I am wanting to buy the XA 30.8 new. I also have a PS Audio DSD sr. on the way.

With the responses I am getting from you and Doni and others, it sounds like I will be able to get the Vandy TREO's and have no problem running them. 

Thanks everyone for your feedback on this. 
Hey Doni...Just wondering if you are still following this thread...

I got my Directstream DSD and the Pass XA30.8. Just put in the 30.8 in last night.

Since you have almost the exact same setup, and are using XLR's between DAC and AMP, I was just wondering...

On your DSD Jr., are you using the high gain or the low gain going to the AMP?

Actually, I use both, depending on how loud I’m playing music.  If playing low volume, I use low gain and get the volume control at eleven or twelve o’clock.  If playing at higher volume, I go to high gain and turn volume control to appropriate level.  Just play around with it and I’m sure you’ll find combinations that work for you.  Low gain is useful if your source is noisy also.
Thanks for the reply Doni...

I started out on high gain, but it had a lot of "hiss" in the background. Coming from a Devialet which has absolutely NONE, I kinda freaked out a little. I put it on low gain, but had to turn it up to about 90 for regular listening. I thought that would be an issue sound wise, but it is not.

Now that the 30.8 and my XLR's are getting some needed break in time, now I am down to 80 almost being to loud!! They both need a couple weeks to get settled in, but it is already making me close my eyes and smile with how beautiful the sound is. And it is only going to get better!!!

So, since I have your ear...

Are you using USB input? If so, what USB cable are you using?
@david_ten +1 to the Double Impacts. I am still getting adjusted to all the changes these speakers have brought to the system. But I agree, it seems to be a wonderful pairing.

@flip49er Don’t forget, with the Double Impacts, you are almost always in the XA30.8’s "single-ended" Class A range. The P5 Pass series operated in single-ended class A for the first 10% of their overall class A rating. The Point-8 series is biased even higher into that single-ended range by about another 50%, according to Kent English. No matter how it works out, the XA30.8 has a solid 3-5 watts of class A single-ended bias. With the Tekton Design Double Impacts, you are extremely unlikely to ever leave that range; much less, the full 60-watt push-pull class A range.