What spinning on your turntable today and how does it sound?

    I know there are many threads on whats playing ,but I have been thinking .How about we do an all vinyl thread
and give a brief description of how it sounds and the pressing .I think this will not only turn us on to new music and remind us of some stuff we have forgotten,but also give us an idea of what to look for without the obvious searches on hot wax etc...

steely dan.. Gaucho ...1980  mca 
Seve Hillage fish rising  1975 virgin 
Jeff Beck star cycle 1980 cbs 
Oh snap! I forgot to turn my turntable off and it's still spinning while I'm in the office.
8 bks and a good clean and it sounds great as does aja but thats another post lol .. Bring em on 
and turn your tt off lol . Remember when your old gerrard lifted up at the end of an lp and returned lol 
Hey shepard
 whats the label and year if ya dont mind?

    I think this will be fun and also help alot when i or anyone here is thumbing thru and searching out vinyl .
     Of course there are other much more detailed sources for this but i havn't heard billy idol in awhile you reminded me of him ,I have hung out with him many times over the yrs.Stevie is a serious guitarist of the top order...
 Lucky you!  Always thought he was a cool dude.                                                Chrysalis, 1990. 
I'll start with 3 I've listened to recently....

Rolling Stones "Tattoo You". ( US pressing/1981, no bar code, has a Warner Brothers sticker in the top right corner on the back) Believe it or not, I've never heard the lp before. Just the hits. I was blown away at the transparency here. The soundstage in very clean and spacious. I believe Mick's voice was in top shape for this effort. At least a 9.

Mazzy Star "Seasons Of Your Day". (Fontana 2013). First time I've listened in over a year. I've made significant improvements to my system since then and this lp really shines now. Hope Sandoval's voice is all about atmospherics and I really get that sense in spades in my room. A stripped down recording that is enjoyable from start to finish. At least a 9.

David Byrne "REI MOMO". (Luaka Bop/1989). His latin flavored effort that works really well. I wanted to put on "Graceland" after I listened to it. The liner notes say a DMM recording. I was very impressed with the sonics. At least a 9.
Shelby Earl - Swift Arrows

150g vinyl.  Fantastic manufacture and recording sound quality.  One of the best sounding newer releases I've encountered in recent history.
i love this...lol 
astro i will search out that mazzy 
i have tattoo you also sounds great ....
Thanks fork i am checking into this one...
Family Band "Grace & Lies". (No Quarter) I ran across this lp this year, and boy am I glad I did! It has become one of my current favorites. In the same vein as Mazzy Star, this one is somewhat stripped down and the vocals... Kim Krans has the ability to be mezmerising and haunting at the same time. The vocals fill my room. I need to search out more of this band. I'd love for someone to give this lp the audiophile treatment. A solid 8.5.
fork,  While we're on a female singer-songwriter bend, I have Big Thief " Masterpiece" (Saddle Creek/2016). I find it to be very good. It will grow on you. Their freshman effort. About a 9.

Maria Taylor "Overlook" (Saddle Creek/2011). She is one half of Azure Ray. The other half is Orenda Fink. I own several of their solo efforts and find them to be among the top in this genre. "Overlook" is heavy on the lower frequencies but I'd still give it between an 8.5 - 9.

Check out Orenda Fink "Blue Dream" (Saddle Creek/2014). Highly recommended! An easy 9.
two more...check out...

Haley Bonar "Big Star" (Afternoon Records/2008) I discovered this one around 6 years ago. I thought it was excellent then and still think highly of it. About a 9.5.

Laura Veirs "July Flame" (2009) Wow! I was blown away when I first heard this one years ago. Now she's well known, especially for her current collaboration with Neko Case & K.D. Lang, (two of the finest female voices ever!). Her husband, Tucker Martine, is also the producer and a musician, very well known now for several works.. most notable, The Decemberists.
A 9.5.

I'll let someone else have a chance now.

After you check out "July Flame", you must go for "Warp & Weft"! The growth of this artist is not to be denied!
............time to rock out...

Mount Moriah "S/T" , (Merge/2012). I never see this great band mentioned anywhere. Heather McEntire has an unusual/unique voice that sticks with you once you here it. This lp shows their ability to stretch out. I own all 3 lps.
This one rates a 9.5. ( you can just keep turning it up and it only sounds better). Their second lp suffers from a poorer quality recording, their third is better but not up to their first in sonics.
thats new to me i wil have to check them out.. NOone wants to chime in on there vinyl today i guess
Never spin vinyl on Saturday, only play compilations on my Nak deck. Yesterday was spinning Bitches Brew and Pangaea by Miles.
Both original Japanese pressings. I have original  US 360 sound Bitches Brew too. Both Japanese and US sound pretty good especially Miles, about equal but somewhat different. US is a bit more raw, Japanese a bit more refined and quieter because vinyl is better. I listen to both, more often the Japanese one.
Joe Bonamassa:
An Acoustic Evening At The Vienna Opera House

This has been in heavy rotation here lately, quickly becoming one of my all time favorites.

Eric Clapton:
I Still Do 45RPM

If you don't own this album you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy, absolutely stunning sonics.
Apologize for the confusion, each record had its own short caption, so I was speaking about the Clapton record. But seriously both are outstanding, the Clapton being 45RPM though has something a bit extra in it. The acoustic Bonamassa album really is something special too, the sound of the venue really makes its presence known in a BIG way.

nice i need to try Fleetwood Mac Rumours 45 and the G.Dead american beauty I hear there good also .
This is actually my first 45RPM album, purchased at Barnes & Noble no less lol. Funny, for yrs I used to harass the sales clerks in their music section asking when they would be getting in some vinyl. The response was always the same, "never", well the joke was on them I guess.

Jeff Beck with jon Hammer group...1978 cbs epic
Genesis Trick of the tail Japan charisma 1978 one of the best trick pressings
James Gang thirds abc dunhill great album
David Torn cloud about mercury ( my copy is a little poppy but some great guitar work (with bill bruford,tony levin,mark isham) 1980 ecm
Eagles  one of these nights ...embossed asylum records ....sounds great 
Rush signals ...1982 mercury soso bass heavy to me 
My early press EAGLES: One of these Nights sounds very good as well.
I just opened my Neil Young Vol. 5-8 box. On the Beach sounded very good.
I've been adding to my mono collection lately. I've ordered several classic lps on mono and the Rolling Stones mono box. (Let's face it, originals are too expensive). When I receive that box, I'll re-install my mono cart. For right now, here's a few I've heard with my stereo cart: (FWIW: when listening to the Beatles mono box, comparing my stereo/mono carts, the mono was easily more enjoyable).

Otis Redding "Dock Of The Bay" (Sundazed) Sounds alive! I assume the lack of compression is the reason. A 9.5.

The Velvet Underground "Verve/MGM Albums" (Sundazed/Box) I'm glad I bought this. A classic time capsule. "White Light/White Heat" isn't the best on sonics. A lot of great music here. Rating 8 - 9.5.

LInk Ray and His Ray Men "The Swan Singles Collection - 63'-67'"(Sundazed) Again, the music sounds alive. You feel as if you're in a time warp as there is a certain sound associated with older recordings that is unmistakable. Kind of hard to rate this one right now as I'm just not as familiar with the songs here. I'd guess a 8.5 though.

inna, I was lucky enough several years ago to find one or two 1A/6 eye/ Miles lps at an estate sale.
Just listened to Miles Davis "Someday My Prince Will Come" (side one/1A -6 eye Columbia/stereo). It made me want to lower my previous ratings above. This lp sounds fantastic! Much more of a "you are there" quality that is lacking in most modern day recordings. No compression noted at all. It is good to step back sometimes and listen to an earlier recording for a "re-set".
I've bought quite a few Big Brother & Janis lps lately. For a comparison of just two:

Big Brother & The Holding Co. "S/T" (Sundazed/mono)
Big Brother & The Holding Co. "1968 Live at the Carousel Ballroom"  (Legacy/stereo)

Just to compare one song, "Call On Me", on the Sundazed mono, this track sounds strident, no lower frequency info, sort of irritating compared to the other, which sounds like a whole different presentation. The overall dynamics are night & day. It does have one caveat that the vocals come from the left channel. When you overcome this, this lp really does sound great. This is one lp that makes buying certain re-issues enjoyable. To rate the two.. the mono a 7, compared to the live, a solid 9 - 9.5  on my stereo cart.

For a reference, the other lps I own are:

"Cheap Thrills" MFSL/45rpm
"Cheap Thrills" original domestic
"Pearl" MFSL/45rpm
"Pearl" domestic re-issue
"I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama" (Speakers Corner)
Zappa - Joe's Garage, Acts ii & iii (original 1979 'holophonic' pressing), Alright Jack - Home Service (great English old-school folk), Junior Wells with Buddy Guy - Hoodoo Man Blues (you can feel the smokey atmosphere). 
Can't beat vinyl, tubes and ESLs!

Side note. Check out KEXP radio's channel on YouTube to hear some wonderful contemporary music.
I’m listening to Paul White ’Sounds from the Skylight’ on OHM (one handed music). It’s great instrumental hip hop/beats. Very atmospheric and balanced. It’s funny hearing you all talk about which pressing.. Almost all of my vinyl is from little labels releasing left field electronic and experimental stuff. There is/was only one release and it’s often out of print. I can’t decide if that’s better or worse than having a choice of releases!