What To Do?

I started using a new tech earlier this year.  Nice man, seemed very knowledgeable about the vintage amp i took to him for repair.  After I got the piece back from him, another issue occurred, and I took the same amp back to him in early June for repair.  Since early July he has not taken any of my calls or responded to texts/e-mails asking for updates. I've been as firm as i can without being threatening and have offered to come retrieve the item unrepaired. But again, crickets for 4 months.

I spoke with the person who referred him to me, and he said that he's physically fine but just has a lot going on.

I live a little more than an hour away, so tracking him down in person is not a viable option. At this point, what should I do?  I'm thinking that filing a police report is my only option.  Would the police deal with something like this?



Are you in the US? If so:

If you're unwilling to take a drive to see him, send him a USPS certified letter, return receipt requested. Send an identical copy of the letter via First Class mail, noting on each that it is being delivered both ways. (This way, if he doesn't accept the certified notice and retrieve it, he's assumed to have been noticed because of the First Class copy.)

In the letter, summarize your experience in detail.

Then issue a deadline, e.g. "I want to pick up this amplifier from you with 7 days of your receipt of this letter. Should that not be possible, I will take further action."

He'll probably cooperate. If not, you have choices. How much is the amp worth? Small claims court might be a better option that the cops.

If you want to temper with vintage audio, the only way you have now is to become tech on your own...

I should clarify even further.  To my knowledge he only takes appointments to meet him at his shop. I'm sure he's there at other times, but i know he has a full-time day job. So, my chances of seeing him at the shop are very low.  And, of course, I can't make an appointment because he won't return my correspondence.

cleeds' advice is very good, I think.  Problem is, I only have the shop address, and I'm sure he receives no mail there (it's way out in the country, in a metal quonset hut). 

So, he only uses the shop to do his tech work (lots and lots of audio equipment and tvs laying around). It's not a registered business (cash only) and has no name.

The amp would probably bring up to $1,500 if sold on a site like this one.

Have you gotten your friend who recommended him involved.

Does he live any closer? Perhaps your friend could reach him, make an appointment about one of his pieces, then he takes your unit, or you go with him, take your piece.

Have a nice visit with your ex-friend while there.