what to do with my cat on my speaker grills

my cat asia has decided to use my vienna mozart grands to claw on the grills. no major damage.. i use the speaker box packing to protect my speaker grills, but at times the little #$^&$# get to them....anybody have a sugestion and does anybody have this problem...simeese cats are a odd bread..lol

nah, I like the idea of using smells that repel cats nearby and/or keeping the cat out of the room altogether if possible.

Declawing can help but not sure how well received that is these days for cats medically. I had an apparently healthy adult cat declawed once prior to moving into a new house and the stress triggered undetected dormant feline leukemia and I had to have the cat put to sleep.
"This here is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in th world and could blow your head clean off, and in all of this confusion I can't seem to remember if I fired 6 shots or only 5. So now you have to ask yourself, 'Do you I feel lucky', well do you cat?"