What tonearm to replace Satisfy on Performance SE?

Has anyone replaced the Satisfy tonearm on a ClearAudio Performance SE? If so, with what? I know there's a hole in the plinth, but I know only enough to know other arms are set for Rega drilling, or Linn standard, etc. I currently have a Benz Ruby3 cartridge, but would want an arm that could potentially hold a Benz LPs unless "that's just crazy". The Origin Live arms have caught my eye, or possibly an SME309.
To add to the range of opinions you'll no doubt get, I recommend you talk to Jay Kaufman at Audio Revelation. He's a dealer for Clearaudio and Origin Live and is very knowledgeable about this stuff.
Thanks Drubin, I was hoping to gain some knowledge from the folks here before pinging Jay. I don't want to take the time of a retailer when I am at this point just beginning to learn about options and feasibility.
I have an audiomods IV mounted on my Clearaudio performance se. Very nice combination
Manitunc, thanks for the nod to the Audiomods arm. There is apparently a dealer in the Seattle area. I'll have to check 'em out.
I just put an Audiomods arm on my Rega P7-the difference is astounding-I don't even have it dialed in yet, but it is already a significant step above the RB700. Highly recommended.