What tube preamp with Bryston 7bst? Please?

This would be my first shot at a tube preamp. Like the Brystons and want to keep them, currently preamping with a BP20.
Any suggestions from personal experience would be very appreciated. Thanks.
I am using an Audio Research LS 8 Mk2 into my Brystons and it sounds good to me, but what do I know?
I run a Rogue 99 Magnum with phono. Tubes are NOS GE's in the line stage and Mullards in the phono.

Sound is terrific. Phono not the quietest but not bad and very musical.

I use the headphone jack and appreciate it a lot.

The remote is motorized and a little quirky. Only volume, bit it's a huge hunk of metal and feels good in the hand.

And you can pick up a used Magnum for 2K with all these goodies and more.

It has only RCA outs but the output is sufficient to drive 5 meter runs of IC in my system.

As between my preamp and 7B-ST's, I'm not sure which I would upgrade first to improve the sound the most. It might be the amps.

FWIW, I probably won't upgrade until I jump into the 7-10K range -- a BAT 31 wouldn't be enough of a jump up, but a 51 (plus the outboard phono) or the new Aesthetix line might be enough. But that's a long way off. I'm also curious about the ss Ayre K1x, but I'm not going to move for a while, and the purchase of any of these super preamps would make me want new amps, so all the more reason to stay put.

That's how well I think the 99M matches the 7BST.

Am using a used(ancient?)ARC LS 2B with a Bryston 14 BST with great results.Was never satisfied with the Bryston BP25 preamp.Somehow it never jelled with my listening tastes.I have experience of ARC and CJ and recommend them without hesitation.You have not indicated any budget hence not sure whether you want new or used.
If possible do a home and go only for what sounds best to your ears.In general tubes work just fine with the Brystons.
Happy listening.
Magnum 99 linestage with my Bryston amp - great match! Caveat is that I have not experimented with other tube preamps but why screw with something that works???
Copland CTA 301 MkII is a match made in heaven with Bryston amps. The Copland has blown away every preamp I've tried on Bryston gear. Including ARC LS-15, Conrad Johnson, Blue Circle, Rogue Magnum 99(good piece), Chord, and Bryston preamps. The Copland turned Brystons sterile nature into a warmwer vibrant presentation. Most noticeable was new found detail without brightness, incredible soundstaging width and depth....(with no shrunken images, and incredible seperation between images), but most importand LAYERING to die for. Bryston has known to be 2 dimensional sounding, the Copland makes everthing sound more 3Dish. This exact question has been asked a few times on Audiogon, do a search......
Hope this helps
Suggest you look for a Sonic Frontiers Line 1,2 or 3 and
connect to your Bryston via the balanced outputs.
Running a BAT VK-3i w/ my Bryston 7B-ST's via Harmonic Tech Pro-silway II XLR's.
Orgasmic sonics w/ every style of music played!
This is the end of the road for me! Honestly!!!