What turntable would be great for techno/ electronic music?

Hi everyone I have been really getting into Vinyl and I love all of the new artists getting into it. Especially the artists in electronic and techno. I was not really into this type of music though its fun, and I think its better then cd version. Though it can really test how fast a system is too on top of it and no harshens. Now demoed a couple of turntables and the options avid ingeniume, Raga RP8 and oracle paris. Im just curious which would be a better fit since I did not Demoed them with techno vinyl in the first place Im more jazz classic rock and todays pop. Let me know your thoughts.
Yup, I would first think about direct drive too. There is going to be new Technics this summer, as people here say. Or Pioneer perhaps. I would get Technics. Years ago I had a $100 Technics and it did the rhythm and dynamics almost as well as my current Nottingham Spacedeck, and it wasn't too bad in other aspects.

For this type of music, I agree with direct drive.

The new Technics SL-1200G will be available for a price between the RP-8 and The Oracle Paris this summer. But why spend this much if your just getting into vinyl - why not consider the new 700 Pioneer PLX-1000?  Its got good reviews and should do a good job for what you want it for.

If you start to really get into vinyl, then drop some serious coin on another table.

The Rega has a reputation for great rhythmic drive, more so than the Technics direct drive models.
Im sorry nobody has a positive attitude to exploring new music!!! And most people have nothing good to say about techno. But I have notice some good recordings through analog tapes such as Daft Punk and Disclosure. Though I'm not just getting into vinyl I collect. And I have 200 albums mostly classic rock, Blues, jazz from my father and audiophile reissues. And would like a turntable that would benefit everything I own from old to reissue, to new recordings. Like I say techno is fun and is what makes this hobby fun. I have A $60,000 system lowest price of one of my components is $5700. So I would like a turntable to keep up with the performance of  the rest of my system.
And I am glad most people recommend the Rega RP8.

Though my final Question would it Benefit. For a person to get a Moving Magnet cartridge Over Moving Coil, Whats the huge sound difference between the two?
Techno hardly qualifies as new music, but anyway, if you're new to turntables, I would vote for a Rega with a Rega cartridge.  Easy to set up, nothing to adjust or worry about.  As to MM or MC carts, you need to do a bit of research on the proposed benefits of both, but among audiophiles, MCs are thought to bring out more of the nuances and life in the music.  But that's a generalization.  For starters, I would recommend the Rega Exact MM.  It will be fine for a couple of years and then you can upgrade the cartridge as you become more comfortable with analog.  
I would suggest you look at Funkfirm turntables. They are more fun and more dynamic than Rega. They present music with a lot verve, drive and groove while still retaning the audiophile aspects of a superb soundstage and dynamics
Do you need dedicated turntable for each genre of music you have?
It is more about your speakers and the rest of the system than a turntable to play punchy electronic music.

Buy Technics SP-10 MK2 or MK3 and you will be on heaven for the rest of your life. I bet you can find SP10-mk2 for $1200

Forget about new plastic shi**t (aka modern belt drive turntables).

Go for the real things, the SP-10 is unbetable and build like a tank, find a proper tonearm and cartridge, custom plinth is not a problem. Look for "12 broadcast tonearms like Schick or Saec 308 (they are easy to mount on SP-10).

Some other killer direct drive is JVC TT-81, for less you can get good looking Pioneer PL-70LII as a complete deck with tonearm and plinth. Another attractive deck is Luxman PD441 (with technics sp10 motor inside).

p.s. if your system is $60 000 try EMT broadcast turntables, lol 
I play a lot of electronic music, have for decades. There is no turntable that is particularly good at electronic music.

The idea that any bit of the audio chain is somehow better for a particular genre of music might be one of the biggest myths in audio and its one that's been around for a long time!

Just get the best machine you can.
YEAH…I also bristle at claims of Genre Specific Gear as it makes zero sense except in the case of somebody needing to use their hifi for high output rave parties, in which case pro PA gear is recommended with a table that's dancing maniac resistant.
haha I'm not a rave type of person and don't plan on having one. Though some one else agrees that one turntable should work with all types of music. like I said if I was only big into techno which I'm not. I would have gotten a couple Krell monos and the largest speaker I could buy. Instead of my all tube system. lol