What would you do?

I sold a Meridian 508.24 to a member, and upon his first week of ownership, I called to see how he was making out with his new CDP. He told me that the unit skipped and because he did a lot of recording that he could not use it. He stated that he wouldn't feel right about selling something that he knew had a problem.
After hearing him out I agreed to take it back and see for myself what the problem was.I told him that he need to isolate the unit and he came back with, "I own B&W's 800 and I know what I am doing."
Upon getting the unit I played three hours on it with no problems. I knew it wouldn't skip but felt I needed to go the extra mile with him.
I called him and told him there was no skipping when played for three hours. He stated that he couldn't use it. I sent his money back and E-Mailed him and told him I wanted to leave him a negitive feedback. I have yet to leave him feedback.
I sold the unit and lost money on the sale.
There are many members out there that have alot of wisdom on deals like this. What would you do?


whats the matter with filing a dispute with audiogon that way you get to tell your story & the buyer gets to tell his side of the story.

Good question
If he paid to ship the unit back, personally, I would leave it alone.
In one sense you are fortunate that the unit came back in one piece. For all we know there may have been a bunch of horny gorillias jumpin around his living room.
remember who the guy is and dont sale to him ever.sale your cd player again and move on..80% of the people of the world live in a negative world,the othere 20% hides from them,,good luck
...sleep better at night...

I think you did the right thing. When stung by such a "tire kicker" you must make the call about negative feedback--others would appreciate knowing, but you risk a "feedback battle".

best regards,
You did the honorable thing which is a notable characteristic of most members of Audiogon. Feel good about knowing you did the honorable thing.