What would your "perfect speaker" sound like.

What would your perfect speaker sound like. Not interested in the brand, or the a speaker you heard at a friends house or audio show This is a thought experiment. Simply conjur up the most divine sound in you mind and tell us what you are conjuring. 

Please be brief, 


Interesting how people envision a sound system.. Almost begging the question "what is a sound system"

Number one on my list is, does it make me happy? 

As one who has correctly treated my room, I can also point out the importance of the room.

BUT, the speaker is also extremely important. 

Sorry, but no matter how good one's room is, if a speaker is lacking detail, transient response, accurate timbre, is inherently colored, NO AMOUNT of room treatment is going to correct for that.

I have heard plenty of very high end speakers, in average sounding rooms, sound better than lesser speakers in well treated rooms.  

For example, I have heard Von Schweikerrt VR 55 mkII ($65K). in a typical living room sort of setting, sound substantially better than a pair of $14K Sonus Faber (not sure the model) in a professionally treated room. 

The Von Schweikert's had better attack and decay, had better transient response, had a bigger, deeper, more detailed soundstage, were more neutral, timbre was better.

Those things are inherent in the speakers themselves, and no amount of room treatment will get a lesser speaker, to do what it is not capable of doing.

Interesting how few people really know what their "dream speaker" would sound like. 


This is a thought experiment so no need. to treat the room, unless you are tired of thinking. lol


Probably wireless with built in amplification, and perhaps room correction. But it must sound as good as any planar/ribbon/dynamic speaker.