Whats on your turntable tonight?

For me its the first or very early LP's of:
Allman Brothers - "Allman Joys" "Idyllwild South"
Santana - "Santana" 200 g reissue
Emerson Lake and Palmer - "Emerson Lake and Palmer"
Beethoven - "Piano Concerto No. 4 in G Major" Rudolph Serkin/Ozawa/BSO
Georgia Brown - Sings Kurt Weill (London 1962)

So Kurt Weill wrote Alabama Song. Made famous by The Doors. 
Teddy Wilson and his Trio - Mr. Wilson and Mr. Gershwin (Columbia 1959)

Piano, drums, bass, bowed bass. Speakeasy awesome. You can smell the smoke. Recorded in studio where everyone there came by to see and hear the magic so it has a live feel.

@slaw It sounds really good to me.  Hot mikes and vocal qualities like a rich old 45 made in the swelter of a Memphis summer evening.  The guitar amps on this record sound like they have giant tubes filled with honey.  I think the music and the sound quality are both quite wonderful and that it’s a successful, purposeful production in that respect.  

But I don’t think that’s new information to many here.   I guess the word is out to music lovers about this record and it’s sold out and become hard to buy.  It’s really nice music but I think the production values have helped make it even more desirable. I think It’s a sound that most owners of good stereos are really excited by.   Am I wrong?