Hoping Michael Kiwanuka wins the Grammy tonight

Talented and difficult to categorize. Im not sure he belongs in the rock category, nor r&b, nor soul, nor rap...just great music.
Grammy's? Laughlable. R&R has been long gone.

The Grammy award show is for the PC, gender sensitive, every get's a ribbon, #, meme  B.S. instagram, Tiktock crowd.

Crawling back into my listening space now, to flip the record over.

@ghasley Michael Kiwanuka is amazing. Glad to see another fan on this site.  Since you have an open mind to new music have a listen to Lux Prima by Karen O / Danger Mouse. This came out in 2019 and I still cannot get enough of it. Especially on a good system.

An interesting article today about current music compared to previous generations. Read it with audio output enabled.

@tablejockey maybe your version of r&r, every generation is pretty certain the apocalypse is upon us. It isn’t.

@yyzsantabarbara thanks for the recommendation, I will check it out!

@middlemass I guess it all depends on the reasons and for whom you thought the Grammys were created.