whats the best addition u have bought for system

just wondering what u added that really made a difference. i have low end stuff but im learning. pioneer elite 39tx reciever, psb stratus golds. tara interconnects wireworld atlantis bi wires, so basically i have a cdp, reciever and speakers. what would be your next move im thinkin some kinda amp, conditioner, new speaker wires; obviously im confused and learning. thanks alot kevin
Boom box sounds like a better description of an untreated room than the one I gave you in the above response. Do yourself a favor and contact gikacoustics.com. Tame the room reflections or any money you spend will be wasted.
ok i looked up bi wiring. it looks like i need to also hook up the b side on the speaker outputs. i have a second set ok wireworld wires. does this have any bad effects on my reciever? seems like it would be hard on the amp in the reciever. i pick up the golds on friday so i will wait to biamp them until i hear from some guys on here. have no idea on how to pick a amp. thanks
Heavy padding under a big rug, and 20 bass traps.

The rooms response is at least as important as the gear.

John C.
Move speakers at least! two feet from back wall and three feet from side walls. Put bookshelf in the corner or along side the wall by the speakers and maybe some heavy big pillows in the other.

The NAD may help a little however I would invest in a better / more powerfull integrated for the Gold i's, maybe 100 watts. Here on Agon for $1000 or a bit more sometimes less you can get a good sounding integrated that has decent bass control and overall good sound. Arcam, BelCanto, Musical fidelity are brands that consistently make pretty good stuff.

I went through many pairs of speakers thinking they were sloppy in the bass dept and one dimensional untill I upgraded and went from a reciever to a good integrated.
Then I got a good CD player and impoved things even more..

Then I got better speakers, then better amp, then better CD player then better speakers then amp then cd player then better speakers.

then I finally found music I liked.