Whats the difference between: Whale, Elite, MK II

Hi i am curious what the difference is between a BMI Whale, a Whale Elite and a Whale Elite MK II. Is there a big sound difference between the different generations? Thanks a lot in advance.
You will get a straight forward, honest answer if you email Brian, the owner of BMI Power Cords.
Here is my findings. The Whale was the very first version and did not contain platinum which BMI feels is a very important neutralizing agent. It also had more copper and less silver.
The Whale Elite has the platinum and the ratio of copper to silver was changed giving a little more silver and a little less copper. This makes it a bit more dynamic I believe.
The Whale Elite MK II has yet again finely tuned the ratios of copper, silver, and platinum to make it a bit faster.
This is what I got from conversations w/ BMI. Different people actually prefer different versions of these cables. I have both the original Whale and the Whale Elite. I prefer the origianl Whale on my DAC when I use a Whale there. Smoother in the vocal area IMS anyway. Of course every system is different and YMMV greatly. Actually, I think the Whale and the Eel synergize nicely together. I had very good success w/ the Whale on the DAC and the Eel on the Melos pre amp. I actually preferred that over two whales as the bass got boomy w/ two of them IMS. Plus that freed up the other Whale for my Bel Canto DAC that is on the "B" system in the basement.
The very best power cord I have heard on amps though is the EPS-2 ribbon power cord being made by David Elrod, formerly w/ Elecra-Glide. This thing is so incredibly transparent and open that I am hearing things I never heard before on some favorite recordings. I have some good cables here too including a couple Shunyata Cobras and Black Mamba as well as the Whales, Eel & some Mikro Omega w/ Active Shielding.