difference in Pioneer Elite dvd players

Can someone tell me what the difference is between the Dv-37 and the Dv-38 Pioneer Elite dvd players. That is besides the huge price difference! I'm in the mood to buy a good dvd player and don't know enough to make an intelligent decision. Thank you for your input.

Scroll down almost to the bottom of this VERY detailed description and comparison!


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th edifferece is that the dv-38a has dvd-audio capabilities and the 37 does not. the link he gave you is very informative, but should be taken with a grain of salt. many of the tests that they run on all of the players are very special cases, and do not affect real time usage as much as you might think. (as far as combing, etc. most dvd's are flagged properly through the movie - and who needs progressive scan on extra features, anyway?)

but, i digress. if you want dvd-audio, buy the 38. if not, the 37 is a very nice player.
As Lazarus28 says, either machine is excellent, and the choice depends on whether you want DVD-A output. I have a DV-37 and think it's an outstanding unit (often available discounted for $650-700). The recent issue of "Stereophile Guide to Home Theater" chose the DV-37 as the best DVD player under $1000 (the winner overall was the Ayre D-1, which retails for $7500-11,000 depending on features).
i concur with sdcampbell. i,too, have a dv-37 but i got it new for a lot less than $650.00. if you're willing to haggle, you shouldn't spend more than $550.00. -cfb
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I believe that I have posted this followup before, but somehow, it did not get posted for some reason.

But anyway, as for the difference between the top two Pioneer Elite DVD Players are as follows:

(01). The Pioneer Elite DV-38A has DVD-Audio capability built in, and the DV-37 does not.

(02). The DV-38A also has a heavier base and more sturdier construction than does again, the DV-37 (though, the DV-37 is no slouch either).

(03). The DV-38A also has rosewood side panels as the DV-37 again does not.

(04). And one more important difference here is the price. The DV-38A is priced at $1,800.00, and is very seldom discounted (if it is discounted at all), and the DV-37 is priced at just $1,000.00. The DV-37 is often discounted, and you should be able to get one at a decent price if you shop around a little. I bought mine at a local dealer for just $700.00 almost nine months ago (and I believe they are selling them for around $800.00 or so), and I have to say that it was one of the best audio/video buying decisions I have made in a long time. I have absolutely no regrets in purchasing mine. Not the very least. But just like I said, if you shop around just a little bit, you should be able to get a new one from around $600.00 to about $750.00 or so. Or you can get a used one from about $400.00 to about $550.00.

Also, just like "Sdcampbell" has said, a recent issue of "Stereophile Guide to Home Theater" has a review about the DV-37 right inside of it. And they gave it a high recommendation as well. Last year, "The Perfect Vision" also ranked as one of the best DVD Players as well. Giving it a five star recommendation (one more star than the more expensive Sony DVP-S9000ES), and ranking it in the class as far more expensive players such as the Ayre D-1 and the Camelot Roundtable. If those endorsements aren't glowing enough, then I don't know what is.

So then, if you plan on investing in DVD-Audio at anytime in the near or distant future, then I would look at the DV-38A. But if you do not care for DVD-Audio, then you won't lose anything in terms of video or audio quality if you opt for the DV-37. The DV-37 is a very nice machine. I recommend it highly.

do any of these players play cds as well? whats the quality of cd players as well. theres a guy on audiogon that sells the dv38a brand new w free shipping for 950. that seems pretty good doesnt it? thx... baz