When did you know you're different?

Well, it was the late seventies and I put on "Get yer Ya Ya's out" on my new system. A pair of Kef 105's, a pair of Meridian 105's with matching pre and Oracle Alexandria/Fr12/Dynavector Ruby. Awsome! They're looking at me like there's something wrong with me. I knew right then and there. It remains my all time favorite.
"I hear the click-clack of your feet on the stairs, I know you ain't stray cat, honey..."

Man, I *love* that album! That and Exile On Main St. and Sticky Fingers remain the high-water marks for the Stones, IMHO. Thanks for the memories!

I'm confused. You like one of the most popular bands in the world, a band also immortalized by millions upon millions of others, and this is proof that you're "different"?

Could you clarify?
Among my peers, that album wasn't considered a gem in 1978. Just because the "golden age" of rock was in fruition. So they thought it odd I would choose this one to demonstrate my new system. Especially since it is a live, not the best, not very compressed, recording. Didn't sound that hot compared to the rest of my records. But my Oracle brought out the best in it. Turned up with decent gear, you're right there. I'm gonna play it right now.

It was when I liked Emerson, Lake and Palmer more than the Beatles, Rolling Stones and others. Soon after it was (then) Walter Carlos and his take on Beethoven and I was on my own as Classical music took over my life for a while.

In my neighborhood, that made me sort of an outcast.

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One day, almost exactly 40 years ago, I walked uptown and went into the College bookstore. I bought the 9 symphonies of Beethoven, the Mahler 9th, and the Bach Johannes Passion for a total of $16. Though I did not know it at the time, that was the beginning.
A year later, I was a bit of a loner, known only to others in the dorm as that guy that listens to Beethoven all the time. I knew I was different when I recognized that my dorm mates no longer knew my name.
That movie was so controversial that they were IDing every person, no matter how old they looked. I couldn't get in so I can't comment.
In fact, I remember standing outside the box office watching people clearly in there 30's being turned away because they couldn't prove their age. Some were pretty pissed off.
On that vein, I wish I would have keyed in on my grade ten biology teacher's interest, regularly keeping me after class to run errands. Very hot and definitely female.
I understand the thread in that I know as early as pre teen that I was more nerdish about music and attracted to stereo gear to the point I bored others talking about or imagining a great "rack system" (it was the 70's). My fetish with atleast interest if not investment in gear and loving music played on it is still strong.

Thanks Dayglow!