When will rap music be less mainstream?

First time I heard MC Hammer’s song many years ago, I like the rhythm and thought it is quite unique. After that, all kinds of rap music pop up. I never thought rap music would be mainstream for such a long time in US. If you look at the music award ceremonies, you will find it being flooded with rap music. Sometimes I am not even sure rap can be considered as song because you don’t sing but speak. Now you start to hear rap music in some other languages like Chinese, Japanese and Korean that don’t sound good in rap format. It would be interesting to hear rap music in Italian.

Time will tell if a song is good or not. A song is good if somebody want to play it for their loved ones on the radio 20 years later. I can’t imagine someone will play a rap for their beloved one 20 years later. Just curious if any A’gon member keep any rap collection?

Besides rap, I also have a feeling that the music industry in general is getting cheesy now. American Idol show gets huge attention while lots of singers perform at the bar or hotel can easily sing better than the idols. The show also asked Barbara Streisand if she watched the show and who was her favorite idol. What do you expect her to answer? People said Justin Timberlake is very talented singer/songwriter. I know him because I saw lots of headshot of him on commercials and magazines, but can you name any popular/well known song from him?
Can someone please say something controversial. This has been very entertaining so far and I am ready to see some more blood and snot flying.

My wife just read this string and wanted to know about the three strip clubs I own in the San Fernando Valley. I now have an embedded ATC speaker in my crotch. I am okay. Everytime I cough when it hurts, it plays Public Enemy.
While I acknowledge Rap sells albums I find no appeal in its pounding rhythms and violent lyrics. I have listened to various rap tunes extensively mostly by having them blasted through my car windows from cars next to me at stop lights. I guess rap ballad would qualify as an oxymoron.

I also feel the same about opera and while I don't think opera sells as well as rap I have never been subjected to a 110db aria from the trunk of the Mercedes next to me.

I suppose I would never attend a rap opera.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" to quote Miss Piggy.

I be feeling ya bro. If you need a new crib fo crashin in, complete wit hoes jus holla at ya bouy. Things be poppin owf at ma crib an my hommie just turned me on to some dope christian rap, his band "Big Baby Jesus" be slingin mixtapes all over the hood.....they even better than The Beatles.


Hi Fi snob got married at 23

Hi Fi Snob has never set foot in a club because he got married at 23

Hi Fi Snob will (very occasionally, say every five years) go to a rock concert but afterwards will brag more to his friends about his back-stage pass than the vibe.

Hi Fi Snob thinks he is too old to go to concerts or clubs because he just turned 24

Hi Fi Snob has never been young. He has done "old people" stuff since his teens.

Instead of going out dancing on a Saturday night Hi Fi snob prefers to sit on the sofa bobbing his head from side to side to Carly Simon.

Hi Fi Snob criticizes people over 25 for going out to clubs suggesting they are "trying to relive their youth"

Hi Fi Snob taps a police officer on the shoulder at the Niel Young concert and says "look officer - I just saw that guy smoking a joint."

Hi Fi Snob tells his kids "Don't get me wrong, I too was a wild partier back in the day"

Hi Fi Snob puts his hand in the back pocket of his neatly pressed trousers to find a business card, then pushes his tie (emblazoned with Stanford logos) to the side to dig in one of the two little pockets of his knit cardigan.
He finally pulls out out a business card and says "hey young fellow, if you want to listen to some real music from the 70s call me up. There will be wine and cheese......it's gonna be absolutely craaaaazy"

Hi Fi Snob loves to sit on the sofa listening to John Denver while playing with Rubic's Cube, because just like him..........it's SQUARE.