When you can't unhear !

So about two weeks ago I brought a dac home from my favourite dealer to evaluate over the holidays.

I have done this a couple of times but never been really impressed . This was different. 

The DAC is soulnote d-2 and it's not going anywhere soon !

Had it in my system for about 5 days when a friend came over and we had a listen, he thought it sounded really good and asked if I had compared it to my old? I haven't. So I plugged in the other and started the same track . It was not subtle, it was saddening how big the difference was. Switching back to the soulnote and wondering about how to unhear that, but I couldn't so I sold one kidney and one of the children and I'm much happier now 😁

Jokes aside, anybody else had that " can't unhear this " experience and what did you do about it?

My former dac was the Matrix audio X-Sabre Pro MQA. 

Have a good 2024 everyone  !


Thanks for the input Jerry but the subject was not necessary about pricing as much as about the "wow ,this is something fantastic " experience because it does not come very often. 

Thanks everyone for sharing your stories, I love reading about it !


So I couldn't keep my fingers from the cookie jar , took the clock x-3 for a spin and that is not leaving my house anytime soon... 

It's kinda hard to explain how much of a difference it makes,  in short terms it makes everything better..more..clearer..focused .


Forgot to mention wider deeper sharper and more relaxed at the same time, how that's even possible beats me but still it is.

I've just had a similar experience to OP

My "current" DAC is the Cen Grand DSDAC 1.0 Super Clock, which is a fine DAC, absolutely nothing wrong with it but .....

I've had an itch to re-try R2R DACs again. I had the Ares II about 2yrs ago or so but sold it, probably a little hastily and funded my REL sub with the proceeds. My system back then has no resemblance to what it is now, and I just wasn't hearing what all the fuss was about with the Ares II in my system at the time.

About 5 weeks ago I spotted a pre-loved Ares 12th-1 up for sale on the auction site, so I bid and won. 

I fell in love with this little DAC; while the Cen Grand is very good, the little Ares 12th-1 is just so engaging and enjoyable. I can't bring myself to plug the Cen Grand back in. I'm not sure now, what to do. Just like the OP, I can't unhear what I've heard, and I have a DAC that cost x3 what the little Ares cost, just sat there redundant. I'm going to sit on it for little while longer, and make a decision