when your hearing is not as good as it was . . .

I'm 68, and too much loud live rock contributed to what they call mild-to-moderate hearing loss. So.

What will no longer make a difference in terms of my components? What can I sacrifice, because I can no longer hear it? 

Will Bluetooth sound the same from my DAC vs going through my preamp for example? 

Can I hear the diff between a tube (Freya) and solid state preamp? 

Can anyone share their experience and if they've done anything to their systems? 


It’s the high frequencies that you lose first. I can’t give you any advice about any gear you can do without now, though. I think that’s a little too specific to you, your system and your hearing for anyone to give you any realistic advice. There’s a long discussion about equalizers (link below), which can help by boosting the frequencies you’re not hearing so well anymore.

Equalizer in a HiFi system?

Don’t fret - the heart of music is 1K..the almighty magic midrange…. but do ask your audiologist about the nature of your hearing loss, frequency and prospects for hearing aids to improve….

Best to you.

Yes, I have Jabra Essence Select hearing aids, but it is less fatiguing to listen to music at home w/out wearing them. They are good hearing aids, but "high fidelity' is not their purpose. I appreciate the comments about adding an equalizer to the system. Thanks

you can use it to your advantage:

No need to get expensive equipment or listening to it and tweaking and upgrading it. You will only listen to just music.

This doesn’t directly answer your question. At 63 I’m certain that my hearing isn’t as good as it once was, but I’m also fairly certain that I’m better at recognizing problems areas within a system. I’m a more experience and more patient listener than I once was too. Hearing is a sense, but listening is a skill, and it can be honed with practice and experience. Even if I can’t hear above 10K, the vast majority of music occurs within a range that I can hear.

While I’ve done nothing to my system intentionally to make up for any hearing loss, I have gone after several minor knit picks over the years by trusting my ears, and now have what I feel is better sound across the board.