Where can I find good value Tube AMP?

I have McCormack .5 and Tlc 1 with Thiel 22. I am considering to use another Tube integrated AMP,such as Jolida 302 or something else at under $500. Do you have any suggestions and where can I buy those amps? Thanks in advance.
In the past I have owned three Jolida amps.I would say for the money they are your best bet.I would try to find the model 802 used.This might cost you a little more money,but this is by far their most musical amp.This amp can also be modified in several ways.I replaced the caps with solens and this made a major difference.Good luck in your search!!!
I have heard some old refurbished Fisher receivers sound very good. They used to be top shelf equipment. www.echohifi.com has some old tube receivers. I've been to their retail store. Nice people to deal with. You would probably want to buy one that had already been refurbished. I have seen quicksilver and dynaco amps go for a little cheaper too.
I am using a refurbished (Sovtek Tubes) Fisher 500C amp/receiver rated at 37watts per side. This particular unit sounds very good with high efficiency speakers, especially horns (Klipsch). I paid $500.00. The FM section is superb. An added note: did not care for this unit with my NHT Speakers but with the Klipsch - an match made in audio heaven....
I recommend the Jolida line. I use it in my bedroom system. In my main system I have both top of the line Melos and ARC. I have also owned CJ and VTL. I replaced the Dynaco upstairs with the Jolida. There is a difference of opinion on which is their most musical unit. ebay is actually a good source for them used but upgrade the tubes