Where did you go after Harbeth?

Hi everyone,

The question above says it all. Where did you go after Harbeth? I'd like to know what you were looking to improve in the sound you had with Harbeth and which speaker allow you to do so.

Rgs92, I may just try those Lahave Mela's as soon as I can sell my Vapor Audio Cirrus speakers. These will be a hard sell though.
Replaced SHL5's with Clearwave Symphonia 72R's. I greatly enjoyed my Harbeth's, but the 72R's resolve better, as others have experienced, and the midrange was recessed in the 5's comparably.
I went with the Coincident Pure Reference speakers and Frankenstien II, 300b Set monoblock amps after my 40.1 Harbeth/Cary 120S system. The high efficient Pure Reference speakers from Coincident are the best I have ever heard paired with the Frankenstiens.