Where to buy bases w/spikes for floor standers???

Where can you buy bases or stands with spikes for floor standing speakers?. I'm wondering if there are any available like what is used on the Sonus Faber Grand Pianno's. I know Sound Anchor makes some, but I don't find them very attractive. Esthetics are very important to me. They will be used with a pair of Vienna Acoustic Mozarts which have a footprint that measures 6.7"wide x 11.6" deep.

Thanks in advance,
Go to a better tile store and get some granite tile (or whatever)std sizing may work or they can cut pieces to your specs. Use construction adhesive to bond the tile to the MDF, clamp it and let it dry. Install spikes and inserts obtained from DIY speaker suppliers in the MDF and you are there. I made mine for under $30.
an alternative method you might consider is to have 2 granite platforms made with the edges smoothed and place 3 aurios pro mibs under the speakers.this gave me much better sonics then using the spikes as to bass response,quickness and detail for my piega p10s.it will cost more but in the end you might be happier and esthetically it looks great. just a thought. dave smith 'calloway'
You could eMail Sound Anchor and see if they make some for your speakers. Their website has a list of models they make I think, but they also make some by special order.
bobaloo...can you give me an exampleof a diy speaker co. & how I can get a hold of them?
A little off topic, but not too far. I need a set of spikes (8) for Linn Index factory stands I got used. Linn says all gone at the factory. Anyone know the thread size or have any other ideas? Its for a second system and spikes are not absolutely necessary, but the central column is attached to the speaker with 2 threaded bolts that extend below the bottom of the stand, so I really need a way to lift the stands off the floor by about 0/5" or so. Its for a second system and spikes are not absolutely necessary, but as it is now, I have to use wobble wedges just to keep them upright.