Where to buy Eva Cassidy's Song Bird LP in the US

Anyone knows where to get the Song Bird LP in the US which was released by Hot Records a few weeks ago?
Blix Street Records will have it out in the US in a few months. You can email them at blixstreet@aol.com

I have seen this CD in several local Best Buys in the rock and roll section. They have quite a few of her CD's.
Sorry, guys, if I didn't make myself clear. I knew where to buy and already bought the CD. But it is the vinyl that I am looking for.
It was clear. BlixStreet distributed the cd and I called them and asked about the lp.
I've phone Blix Street last Thursday before I posted the question and they told me they never had it.
I got word somehow that Songbird is being released on vinyl. I don't remember who is issuing the LP but it is not belix. I'll research and post. Should be great!
From one who would know, (I stand corrected), Songbird is being released from UK. I would try the ususal suspect's, such as Red Trumpet etc to try and order from.
Hot Records is the company that release the LP. Blix Street is the production company of the CD.

Red Trumpet only has it as a pre-order item. I did place an order but it may takes weeks before I get my copy. So I was simply wondering if there is any mail order outlet that might already have the stock.

Since the Songbird CD really sounded pretty good, I couldn't help but wonder how good the LP might be. I also couldn't wait for them to release a vinyl version of the Blues Alley.
Just got my Eva Cassidy Songbird LP from Red Trumpet. It is indeed a lot better than the CD.