where to find info on DIY solid state electronics?

i would like to have pointers
to good ressource websites for information
on diy solid state amplifiers and such electronics

i am on a few projects and i would like to have more information :)

if any of you happen to know good forums or website!
please link me! ;p

thanks all again..
This would be the place to start for free. This would be your second best bet, but nothing there is free : ) Sean
Try http://www.diyaudio.com. They have an excellent solid state forum and a forum devoted to Pass Labs. I have DIYed a Pass Labs Aleph P v1.7 preamp and an Aleph 3. I am now gearing up to build a pair of Aleph 2's and eventually an Aleph X amp. On DIYAudio.com my user name is Kilowattski. Stop on by, you will enjoy the stay.