looking for online or by mail retailers,most stores in N.J.
don't have a large selection.THANK YOU in advance for any
web sites and or phone number's. JOSE M.
amazon.com; bigstar.com; twec.com; Ebay.com; half.com; blockbuster.com; bn.com
I find that their are several options you may want to consider, but a good start is to go to DVDpricesearch.com. That will head you into the right direction. You should also try a local Blockbuster for used DVD or Half.com. Deepdiscount will meet or beat any online price including shipping.

These option should give you what your looking for.

Enjoy the movies and Music.
Check out half.com. Netflix closes out inventory there and prices are very reasonable.
Also check out Kencranes.com; the old laserdisc dealer. They have always been cheap and give free shipping a lot.
I use to do a lot of business with *800.com* Remember the days when everyone was selling for 40% off with free shipping? Now I buy most of the new releases at Costco. Above and beyond that just keep your eyes open and look for deals. As a rule $10.00 to $13.00 is considered a great price on a new DVD, even better if the sound track is recorded in DD5.1. Good luck

Where do I purchase my DVD's?? Well, I have all kinds of sources from which I purchase my DVD's from. I tend to go to places like Blockbuster, Best Buy, and Costco to purchase either new (Best Buy or Costco) DVD's or used (Blockbuster) DVD's. I am also a member of a DVD mail order club (Columbia House), which I now use as a last resort. If I cannot find it locally and as cheap as possible, then, and only then, do I order my DVD's from Columbia House. But I think that I am going to start checking out some of these "on-line" dealers as well. I could be paying less for newer releases than I am paying now. Currently, if the DVD is either an Academy Award winner, or it is either a new release or a recent release, or if it is an older (but a highly sought after, but hard to find classic) movie, then I tend to pay $17.00 to $25.00 for my movies. Otherwise, I try to pay no more than $15.00 for what is otherwise a decent movie. But like I said, I am going to start checking out some of these "on-line" places such as "Netflix", "800.com", "half.com" and "Blockbuster.com" for now on. Let's see if I can nab me a deal or two there.

Hope this helps a little bit.

Good Luck.....

I use Ebay. you can usually find one seller who has a large selection, and will ship together. I actually pressed my luck and bought a previous rental, and was totally happy, no problems at all. my advice is to look for one seller who is selling a lot of good stuff. also, email them, they may have more than they posted online (you can get them to lower the price that way cause they don't have to pay ebay to sell it.)

Also blockbuster used is a good idea, but sometimes overpriced.

good luck,