where to start analog

I am intrigued by the new found love of analog. as a 40 something boomer I grew up with this "technology". although I sold all of my albums years ago at a garage sale for pennies, "who would ever wnat to listen to them anymore". So now where do I start.

I would need a table and phono pre to hook up to my CJ 16LS. I don't want to spend a fortune since this will be an experiment to begin with. But I obviously don't want sound to be garbage either...As always your opinion are appreciated and looked forward to.

You should begin here at Audiogon. For instance, there is a Well Tempered table and arm advertised for $750.00. That is a great table, very speed accurate and very quiet.

If you like the analog sound, you are off to a good start. If you are disappointed you can sell the Well Tempered for about what you paid and upgrade to something more expensive or go all digital.
Albert makes a very good suggestion above. The Well Tempered has a very good main bearing system, and that is the heart of any analog rig.

Alot depends on your budget. "Spending a fortune" means different things to different people. While many times you may get more, when you spend more, that is not always the case. There are high-value items out there in the analog world, and used is a good way to go, as long as it is kept in good shape and packed and shipped carefully when it is sent to you.

If you want to be more specific about the budget, we can be more specific about the units that may give good performance at your price point, either new or used.
Considering I need a used phono pre-amp as well I guess agood starting point would be $2,000 for all, pre, table arm etc..
Dave, in that price category, Albert's suggestion is just about right, because it leaves you some room to get the other gear you need to get hooked up.

Other possiblities may be a used Linn LP12, or early Oracle. Possibly even a used Michell Gyrodec, but that is pushing it into a slightly higher price range.

For a new TT, you could consider a Rega P25, or a Music Hall MMF-7. You could look at the entry level Basis, Clearaudio, or a VPI. But they may be a little too high.

A Black Cube or Monolithic PS-1 phono stage are around $350 used. For a strictly MM section, you could look at the Gram Slee products for under $300 new. If you want to go real low priced on the phono section, you could look at the Sumiko Phono Box, or the Parasound.

The arm and cartridge are sort of dependant on the TT you select, and the Music Hall has the arm and cart already installed and ready to go. And a good one too.

If you get a TT without an arm, the Rega RB250,
or RB300 are about the best low cost arms you could get.

For a cartridge, I like the Goldring for MM, and Dynavector for HO MC, in the $350 price range.
I just got back into analog with a Rega P3 table, RB300 arm and a Benz Micro Glider cartridge for about $1600 brand new and it sounds great. Not the last word, but to me, clearly better than any digital I've ever owned including Sony SCD-1. All technical arguments aside, analog is just more enjoyable to listen to.
I will let others recommend specific products since some here seem to have tried everything. Not that ohers will, but neither Albert nor Twl will lead you astray with respect to vinyl. I have my favorites, based on my satisfied, though relatively narrow, experience.

Not that spending more always equals "better" but I would recommend buying the best quality/value you can afford from the "git go". If you do decide to go the more "basic route", as a beginning, buy used from someone you can trust (like here on the 'Gon). That way, you can usually get back close to what you paid and apply that money to the inevitable upgrade you will want after getting back in to vinyl (said loudly from the voice of experience) ! :-)
I also just got back into analog with a Rega P-25, Herron Audio MC Phono Stage, and a Dynavector 17-D II Cartridge. About $5,000 if you buy all new (I did not). The only system I have ever had, that has brought tears to the eyes of a dinner guest!

Someday I will probably up-grade the TT to a Teres or something of that quality. The rest of the components are "keepers."

Good luck with yours.
Definitely consider used. People tend to take very good care of their expensive equipment.
For $850 I picked up a used VPI hw-19 mk3, with rega rb300 and sumiko blue point special. I then purchased a demo monolithic phono amp for $300. So for a total of $1150 I believe I got a setup that is far better than anything I could have bought if I bought new.