Which Allen key for Graham Phantom II Supreme?

I own a Graham Phantom II Supreme tonearm and need to lower the arm lift just a little bit. To do so I need a small (probably) Allen (hex) key to unlock the tiny bolt which holds the arm lift in place.
However can't figure out what key I need. If it's an Allen key it's certainly not a metric size (tried them all). If it's an American size, which size does fit?
Take note of the largest metric allen key that will fit inside the bolt, and then look at this chart.


Look at what falls between the allen key from above and the next size up. That will be the SAE size you need. If you have the room to work, you can get a set of allen keys that are set up like a Swiss Army knife for under $10. Its just easier to go that way, if possible. Also, if this is a really small bolt, shine a light on it and make absolutely sure its an allen key, and not something else, like a torx. It's very easy to mistake them when they're small.
Well, you could either contact Graham and ask them, or buy a set of standard allen wrenches and find out for yourself.
5/64" fits the base screws that hold the pillar in place.

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This should be all you need.

Zd, god recommendation although I find the the folding sets are rather cumbersome to use especially in tight quarters like around a tonearm etc.

For precision tools my recommendation is Wiha Tools which offers amazing quality and relatively good pricing. For an example a single 5/64" Allen head screwdriver is only $4 + shipping etc., a complete set of Allen screwdrivers only $32.80 as with anything you get what you pay for these are high quality professional grade tools.

More information here Wiha Tools

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Thanks all for your help. Ofcourse I did contact Graham, but he didn't respond. Also wasn't sure if the tiny screw needed an Allen key.
You can get an Allen key with a long shaft and a handle, which might make it easier to apply the torque necessary to loosen the Allen bolt.
Well. The 5/64" Allen key isn't the one. It's for unlocking the screw to rise or lower the complete arm to set VTA/SRA.
What I was looking for was a key for unlocking the tiny, tiny screw for the armlift with handle, used to rise of lower the armwand/cartridge on the record.

Anyone who knows what size of Allen key is needed?
Oops, sorry about that misread your post, the allen wrench needed for the Cuing Device is a .050

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Beat me to it Peter. Yes it is 50 thou.

Bob supplies a full set of these things in individually labelled re-sealable bags. This one is labelled "Cueing Device - Adjustable Height Wrench"

The 50 thou is quite small and not easy to find locally. They're also dead easy to lose which is why I've got 4 of them(!)